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Segra Drives Digital Transformation for Businesses — Partners with ServiceNow

Segra, one of the largest independent fiber infrastructure bandwidth companies in the U.S., has joined forces with ServiceNow, a leading digital workflow company, to drive digital transformation for businesses. This collaboration introduces ServiceNow’s Telecommunications Service Management to power SegraOne for Case and Incident Management, a solution to simplify work processes and enhance customer service.

SegraOne integrates AI-driven resolutions to expedite issue resolution, enhance transparency, and optimize self-service options. By leveraging omnichannel capabilities, Segra aims to reduce service costs and elevate customer and employee experiences.

“At ServiceNow, our relentless focus on innovation is aligned with Segra’s forward-thinking vision for digital transformation,” said Paul Smith, chief commercial officer at ServiceNow. “We’re building vertical solutions to help customers across every industry boost productivity and efficiency. For Segra, this means reshaping operations and enhancing automation to streamline incident resolution and help eliminate manual work. This is just the beginning of a substantial business transformation for Segra, and we’re thrilled to partner with them on this journey.”

“This collaboration with ServiceNow marks a significant milestone for Segra as we redefine customer service and operations,” said Kevin T. Hart, chief executive officer at Segra. “Segra is focused on our customers and investing in building a world class customer experience. SegraOne is the next step we have taken to revolutionize how we serve our customers, setting new standards for efficiency and innovation, and we’re already seeing results. We look forward to the positive impact this will continue to have on both our customers and employees.”

The partnership between Segra and ServiceNow signals a significant leap forward in digital business transformation. By harnessing ServiceNow’s innovative solutions, Segra is poised to redefine customer service standards and drive operational efficiency in the telecommunications industry. Visit Segra’s website for more information.

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