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National Employee Appreciation Day: Remarking on 15 YEARS Here at JSA

The year 2024 marks FIFTEEN years for me as a JSAer. So many people ask me, “What has kept you at this company for so long?”

Well I have so many reasons, but exactly where do I start…

How about diving into this little list I put together today on what the past fifteen years have meant for me here at JSA? Working, belonging, growing here has been:  

  • Fifteen years of standing proudly behind this company I call my second home and being forever grateful for my incredible boss, leader, mentor and friend Jaymie Scotto Cutaia, for blessing me with this opportunity.
  • Fifteen years of always feeling welcome, heard, appreciated, and treated like family. 
  • Fifteen years of a job that encourages personal and professional growth, a healthy work-life balance, and fosters a kind, caring workplace environment for all.
  • Fifteen years of being supported as not only a working professional, but as a mother, a wife, a singer – allowing me to be my full creative self and giving me the flexibility of working from home and the gift of enabling me to be there and PRESENT for my family.
  • Fifteen years of being able to witness just how far we have come with our incredible company growth and expansion of our JSA community, consisting of our amazing clients, partners and friends. 
  • Fifteen years of learning and growing in the fields of marketing and telecommunications.
  • Fifteen years of traveling to new places (even checking off some bucket list destinations!) 
  • Fifteen years of making new friends – with my colleagues, my clients, and some of the industry’s best thought leaders. 
  • Fifteen years of coming into my own as a marketing and PR professional – starting out in 2009 as a Research Analyst and ending up not only as an Executive Vice President of Marketing and Account Strategy, but also as an extension of our HR department, specifically in charge of JSA employee engagement (and happiness).  🥰 
  • Fifteen years of being able to welcome and work with such an awesome team (who started out as a team of four, and now currently is a team of well over 50!) Each and every JSAer here helps me to affirm the hashtag I helped to coin years ago (when hashtags first started being a thing): #JSAForever…

…Which leads me to today’s widely celebrated workplace holiday, NATIONAL EMPLOYEE APPRECIATION DAY. Officially launched in 1995 by Workman Publishing, National Employee Appreciation Day works as a cool reminder “that strong employer-employee relations are at the core of any truly successful business.” Here in the US (and working its way around other countries), this day is celebrated on the first Friday of March every year, and provides an opportunity to recognize employee achievements and contributions across all industries. Quite simply, positive employee recognition within a company is crucial to success as it aims to lift morale, increase productivity, and build meaningful and positive relationships. 

Here at JSA, we hold a steadfast commitment to making sure our team feels appreciated and recognized, not just on this designated Friday in March, but every single day. (Again, one of the many, many reasons I found my forever work home here fifteen years ago.) At JSA, it’s vital that each and every team member feels valued, and that the hard work put in day to day by all does not go unnoticed. As a team, a work family, we continuously strive to build each other up, jump in when we need to when anyone needs help, rally around each other, and ensure that each one of us is focused on continuing to cultivate an environment that is not just a cool place to work at, but a place in which to feel comfortable, happy, rewarded, and satisfied at the end of each day when turning off that computer. 

🥰 #Grateful

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