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JSA VP Strategy Reports on Datacloud Global Congress

Datacloud Global Congress 2019Between June 4 – 6, 2019, what felt like half of the world gathered in Monaco – the tech and telecom world that is!   This was a gathering of industry leaders discussing topics in the areas of cloud, edge, data centers and infrastructure.  The 15th annual Datacloud Global Congress attracted people from all over the world to exchange ideas and plan upcoming business deals, which may influence the face of our industry for years to come.  The event is highly regarded for its high-quality content and the opportunity that it provides for investors, business leaders, developers and more to come together under the stunning background of Monte Carlo.

JSA was represented by VP, Strategy, Barb Mitchell.  Mitchell had the distinct honor of Datacloud Panelrepresenting JSA on one of many extraordinary panels that took place during the event.  She was joined by Angela Leavitt, CEO of Mojo Marketing, and Nicola Hayes of Andrastra. The topic was, “Building a Digital Brand,” and Mitchell was thrilled to take the stage to talk about this, a topic that is near and dear to her heart.  With over 20 years building brands and marketing plans for countless clients, Mitchell was well equipped to drive the discussion.  Her only complaint, “I wish we had more time!  It was such a great conversation, and we were only getting started. Let’s pick this up again next year!”  People were keen to garner wisdom and pick up quick marketing tips from Mitchell and the other panelists, many asking to continue the conversation after the show.

In addition to the panel, Mitchell had the opportunity to take part in the Datacloud Awards, which took place on Tuesday, June 5th at the Salles des Etoilles.  AmoDatacloud Awards Ceremonyng the world-class companies that were shortlisted, were our clients EdgeConneX, Stream Data Centers, GlobeNet, and eStruxture Data Centers.  During the night EdgeConnex took home the Edge Investment award, and GlobeNet was handed the award for Excellence in Regional Data Centre Award – Americas. Whether they took home the big prize or not, being recognized among the esteemed companies who were shortlisted at the awards was a huge victory in itself.  See the press announcement for the full list of winners.

As a member of Infrastructure Masons (iMasons), Mitchell was invited to take part in the iMasons Summit that was taking place during the conference, as well as attend the members-only dinner, in a beautiful setting overlooking the Mediterranean.  Groups like Infrastructure Masons (iMasons) really support theView of Monaco overall betterment of the industry.  iMasons was established to provide infrastructure executives and technical professionals an independent forum to connect, grow and give back by allowing them to focus their combined expertise to advance the industry and to better the economy, the environment and society.

“I was so proud to be representing JSA this month at the Datacloud Global Congress,” Mitchell commented.  “Not only was I given the opportunity to share some best practices on “How to Build a Digital Brand,” a topic that I was thrilled to speak on, but I was given the opportunity to see our clients really shine on the global stage.  The work we do every day is really for them, so it was an amazing opportunity to take part in this. Seeing the work that is being done every day by our clients, by the industry and by changemakers like iMasons on this global stage was beyond amazing.”

Through thought leadership, shared celebrations and recognition, world-class organizations and industry groups, the Datacloud Global Congress will no doubt be considered as one of the top events for the industry in 2019.







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