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How Data Centers and Telecom Companies are Leveraging JSA’s New Intent Data Analysis Service

JSA has added a new offering to our comprehensive list of telecom public relations and marketing services: Intent Data Analysis. Data Centers and telecom companies are using the incredible insight provided by Intent Data Analysis to uncover key insights on “intent to buy” signals from viable prospective companies and decision makers. 

“Harnessing the power of intent data allows you to essentially find potential leads while they are in the process of trying to find you,” comments Jaymie Scotto Cutaia, CEO of JSA.  “It is truly the next step in digital marketing. JSA has the tools and expertise to uncover key insights into decision makers who are searching for specific topics – as shown by downloading eBooks and articles, as well as registering for webinars and subscribing to news feeds and more. These behaviors, including how often and by how many from the same company, illustrate both the company and the key decision makers’ buying intent. This intel can in turn be used for very targeted outreach via LinkedIn Ads, LinkedIn direct outreach and one-on-one emails.” 

Why Intent Data for Data Centers and Telecom Companies?

Intent data shows us which companies are ready to buy your services sooner than later. The intent data score calculation takes into account the frequency of prospects’ online research for your keywords (like downloading an eBook or registering for a webinar) across 4000+ opted-in educational and publication sites. This includes listening to 3.2M businesses across 1 billion B2B devices, researching on 6,900+ B2B topics. We then compare the frequency of their research with how many within their company are doing similar research and topic relevance to provide a list of current and viable prospective companies and decision makers.

Benefits of JSA’s Intent Data Analysis Service

  • A list of prospects who are interested in your services now versus later
  • Identification of relevant and current contacts within the target accounts
  • Ability to prioritize and customize conversations to drive better results for your business
  • Higher conversion rate and shorter time to close the deal

Learn More

Learn more about JSA’s Telecom and Data Center Intent Data Analysis services here or email us at [email protected] to schedule a brainstorming session and discuss how Intent Data can be integrated into your marketing strategy. 

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