DCD>Connect Virginia Descends on Data Center Alley With JSA TV LIVE

Deep in the heart of Northern Virginia, you’ll find Data Center Alley, the largest concentration of data centers in the world, responsible for nearly 70% of global internet traffic. What you’ll also discover in the birthplace of our great nation, and one of the first IXs, is a world-leading data center conference: DCD>Connect Virginia

Every year DatacenterDynamics, one of JSA’s top partners, brings its global DCD>Connect series to the powerhouse state of connectivity and colocation mecca to unite over 1,000 top professionals from the data center industry supply chain. From November 6 – 7 at the Lansdowne Resort and Spa, DCD>Connect Virginia is set to provide the ultimate discovery experience, complete with over 100+ experts discussing the future of digital infrastructure deployment and unmatched networking opportunities. And JSA will be right in the center of it all!

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In anticipation of this high-energy renowned event, JSA’s EVP of Partnerships and Account Strategy, Buffy Harakidas, dialed into DCD’s Global Head of Broadcasts & Events, Rebecca (Becky) Davison, to give you the download on what to expect! 

So, without further ado, here’s all you need to know about DCD>Connect Virginia. 


BH: For those who may not know, can you share a little about the event?

BD: Now in its second year in “Data Center Alley,” attendees can expect a dynamic two-day experience including DCD>Debates, technology discovery sessions, three content stages, a packed Show Floor, and insights from over 100+ expert speakers including leaders from Meta, Microsoft, AWS, Dropbox, Salesforce, Equinix and more. Staying at the forefront of the conversation, the major themes for 2023 include:

Finally, the event also offers exclusive networking opportunities, including a Business Lounge, Icebreaker Networking Party, Lunch Briefings, Cocktails with a Nordic twist, and a Japanese private dining experience – so don’t miss out! 


BH: We can’t wait for the DCD>Debates and, of course, the networking! Can you share a sneak peek of any new sessions or experiences added to this year’s agenda?

BD: Not only will we have the DCD>Main Stage for major panel discussions and a DCD>Talks Stage for 1-2-1 executive interviews, but we’re also launching a DCD>Showcase Stage where experts will share tech deep dives on the latest innovations to hit the market. Plus, we’ll be hosting 10x closed-door DCD>Debates where industry leaders will share their insights and opinions in open conversations held under the Chatham House Rule, tackling the industry’s biggest challenges. In addition, our interactive tech exchanges will bring together small groups of peers for a speed-networking experience focused on specific technologies and services and meeting the experts behind the solutions.

We’re really proud of our debate platform and content stages, which provide so much knowledge and expertise! To give you a peek, here are two Top Picks that you cannot afford to miss: 

  1. Learn how experts from Meta, AWS and more are continuing to adapt their approaches to data center design and embrace new innovations (Nov 6)

Meta’s Data Center Design & Construction Strategy Lead, Doug Mouton, and AWS’ Senior Manager – ADC Program, Jon Norquist, will debate the evolving approaches to data center design across the industry. This is a unique opportunity to explore how (and if!) operators are shifting away from iterative design methodologies and get your key questions answered while identifying opportunities to refine your own approach to facility design. 

You can expect in-depth debate on: 

  • If and when the industry should shift away from iterative design methodologies 
  • Whether more revolutionary design methods are the key to meeting future capacity demands and if AI will completely throw out the data center design playbook
  • The role supply chain disruption has played in accelerating standardization across the industry and the pros and cons that increased standardization brings 
  1. Learn how Dropbox is minimizing the carbon footprint of its data center fleet (Nov 7) 

Dropbox’s Director – Physical Infrastructure, Latane Garetson, shares his insights into reducing the carbon footprint within the facility across air efficiency, thermal solutions, renewable energy and more in a way that not only ensures environmental goals are met but also ensures customers benefit from reduced emissions. 

You’ll gain insights into: 

  • Infrastructure adaptations that can generate real carbon footprint reductions
  • Where to focus reduction efforts to yield tangible results 
  • Strategies for reducing carbon footprint while scaling up operations 


BH: How can attendees best optimize their networking opportunities at DCD>Connect Virginia?

BD: The DCD>Connect event app allows attendees to start networking even before the event begins. Take a look at everyone in attendance and start connecting with them in advance and booking meetings onsite in the Business Lounge or at the partner stands.

Attendees can also take advantage of a variety of exclusive networking opportunities, starting with our closed-door welcome lunch briefings that provide an intimate setting for in-depth discussions on key industry topics, including sustainability, power infrastructure, management & operations, and more. In the evening, the Icebreaker reception drinks offer a brilliant platform for all Day One delegates to connect throughout the evening while enjoying live music, food and drinks. Concurrently, there is a VIP Private Dinner where invited guests can enjoy a unique Japanese dining experience that wraps up the day in style. 

Day Two offers a Networking Breakfast, served in the Business Lounge, and ties in with the grand opening of the Show Floor partner discovery experience. In the afternoon, the VIP Nordic Cocktail Hour offers invited guests a fantastic networking experience with Scandinavian delicacies and drinks with a Nordic twist before everyone reconvenes for Happy Hour drinks on the Show Floor to celebrate and close the event!


BH: How can our JSA community register for the event?

BD: More information, including the conference schedule, can be found at: https://www.datacenterdynamics.com/en/dcd-connect-live/connect-virginia/2023/  

JSA members can use the following link and invite code to register for a complimentary all-access pass: https://eur.cvent.me/ld34Z?RefId=All+Access+Pass

Invite Code: JSA


We look forward to seeing the JSA Community at DCD>Connect Virginia. You can find JSA TV LIVE right on the conference floor and throughout the event. To sign up for your complimentary JSA TV LIVE interview and meet our all-star onsite team of Candace Sipos and Allyson Whelan, click here.  

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