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Day 1 of 2-Part Series: 10 Top Digital Infrastructure Leaders in the EU Share 2023 Predictions During Live Broadcast Interviews [View Them All Here]

During Day 1 of an exclusive 2-day live broadcast, JSA Media Consultant João Marquez Lima met with thought leaders in the digital infrastructure space from across the European Union to get their thoughts and perspectives on the year ahead in the industry.

Claude Achcar of Actel Consulting discusses the current state of the European data centre industry, the conditions shaping the sector today and what he expects will happen across the continent, especially around site selection.

Barry Gross at Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner LLP shares his thoughts on the biggest regulatory/legal changes the sector has seen in 2022, what to expect to see in 2023 in the regulatory field and a look at how his work with sustainability/green financing has evolved.

Friso Haringsma and Xavier Warnier of Datacenter United discuss what have been the big events this year that will have a long-lasting impact in the sector across Europe and predictions for 2023.

Stijn Grove of Dutch Data Center Association discusses the trends that defined this year around data centres, and how he expects the Dutch market and beyond to evolve in 2023.

Mark Seymour of Future Facilities Ltd talks about the growth of simulation in data center operations, including how operators are using digital twins to make great strides in efficiency and effectiveness.

Data Centre Consultant Mark Acton of Future-tech talks about the major events that defined 2022 for data centres and his thoughts on what 2023 holds for data center industry development in Europe, including sustainability initiatives.

Henry Sutton of Gulf Data Centre Association talks about the current state of the market in the region and what we can expect in 2023. He also dives into how is Europea and the ME working towards building the sector across the 2 continents.

Sarah Polan of HashiCorp talks about the the current state of the open source market, the biggest changes the sector in Europe has seen in 2022 and what she expects to see in 2023.

Barro Luitjes, CEO of KevlinX, talks about market and demand dynamics in Belgium, offers insight on finding the right talent to support the future of network infrastructure and much more.

Mats Andersson of LEFDAL MINE DATACENTER talks about the major steps in marketing data centres, 2022 marketing trends and what he would like to see in 2023.


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