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DataBank Brings New Levels of Connectivity to Pittsburgh Metro

Announces Partnership with Pittsburgh Internet Exchange 

DataBank is bringing new levels of connectivity by offering Pittsburgh area enterprises and businesses access to the Pittsburgh Internet Exchange (PIT-IX). PIT-IX is available at DataBank’s Pittsburgh data center (PIT1). Located in NOVA Place, in the newly updated Allegheny Technology Center Mall, PIT1 offers high quality data center options and robust connectivity. With the addition of PIT-IX, DataBank customers now have access to direct local connectivity to content providers, universities, and companies in western Pennsylvania.

The region has become an up-and-coming interconnection hub for companies in both content delivery, enterprise, and research traffic. PIT-IX offers low-cost and low-latency connectivity with over 13+ major regional networks, which branches out to connectivity to over 50 companies, universities, and regional institutions.

PIT-IX was originally financed wholly by donations of hardware and monthly funding by local cloud services and connectivity company TeraSwitch. DataBank has generously offered PIT-IX a sponsored footprint at PIT1. 

“The goal of PIT-IX is to operate a neutral and non-profit internet exchange that aims to reduce costs, improve connection quality, and most importantly give the region an alternative to the major interconnection points like Ashburn, VA or New York, NY,” states Brendan Mannella, Chief Executive Officer of TeraSwitch and founder of PIT-IX.

At DataBank, connecting to PIT-IX will become even easier for customers and potential peers. PIT-IX offers 1gbps, 10gbps, and 40-100gbps connectivity options to the exchange at DataBank’s PIT1. BGP Route Servers are used to facilitate a quick and easy configuration of peering with the exchange. “Once you’re physically connected, the moment you establish a session with our route servers you’ll get access to 500 local routes. We’re expecting the number of routes to triple in less than 12 months,” says Justin Goetz, Operations Engineer for PIT-IX.

The PIT-IX operations team is making plans to extend the PIT-IX peering fabric to other Pittsburgh area facilities such as the DataBank PIT2 facility that is currently undergoing construction in Moon Township, PA. 

DataBank is a leading provider of enterprise-class data center, connectivity and managed services and operates 20 data centers in nine U.S. markets, including Atlanta, Baltimore, Cleveland, Dallas, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, and Salt Lake City. For more information, please visit www.databank.com and be sure to connect with DataBank on LinkedIn and Twitter

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