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Data Movers Podcast: The New Edge

Our very own Jaymie Scotto Cutaia and Evan Kirstel were fortunate to catch up with Phillip Marangella, CMO for EdgeConneX, for the second episode of the JSA Data Movers Podcast

The Need for Speed

His love for speed started when Phillip was eight years old with a dream to be a race car driver. And now, years later, he is in a fast-moving industry where network speed is paramount. Phillip shared insights on what is happening at the Edge and how companies like EdgeConneX are alleviating network bottlenecks. EdgeConneX is all about giving customers what they want and is focused on helping service providers – content, cloud and network – solve common challenges including latency, cost and proximity to their customers’ Edge.

EdgeConneX did it before the “ Edge” was cool. The discussion includes perspectives on how the data center industry has been such an integral part of organizations doing well this year, despite Covid-19. 

“The Data center industry overall has proven itself beyond resilient and is essential to enable what we are doing today. Whether it’s working from home, studying from home, gaming, streaming. Our homes are the new edge.” – Phillip Marangella

Check out the full podcast HERE

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Be sure to tune in for the next Data Movers where we will get to know other industry leaders and cover more unique perspectives.


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