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Data Movers Podcast: Knight Moves Attracts Tech Talent

Our latest edition of the JSA Data Movers Podcast with Jaymie Scotto Cutaia and Evan Kirstel features Linc Kroeger, the President of Knight Moves for a discussion on attracting top tech talent right here in the United States. 

Cultivating Top Tech Talent Here at Home

Linc, a longtime coder from the age of 14, tells the story of growing up in the Midwest and realizing younger generations of elite technology professionals were growing up and leaving home. Linc saw an opportunity to empower the next generation through inspiration and training of underserved communities, with a newfound focus on also attracting Native American talent through his company. 

Knight Moves, with Linc’s leadership, works to innovate and empower today’s generation of future coders, tech and telecom experts. The company also urges today’s techies to share their innovations to help make this world a better place and further enhance future tech solutions. 

“We have a heavy emphasis on getting younger people in tech, partnering at the high school level to ignite a spark in them in 30 minutes to want to sign up for a computer science class and create a desire for a career in the industry.” – Linc Kroeger

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