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Capacity Europe 2023: Live, Onsite Interviews with Top Digital Infrastructure Executives

JSA has been participating in the annual Capacity Europe conference for several years – and this year had the opportunity once again to broadcast live and onsite from this marquee event. The team met up with top movers and shakers in the network infrastructure and data center communities who offered their expert insight and shared breaking news.

Find all the interviews available on demand below and on LinkedIn. Or join the 100k+ subscribers on JSA TV’s YouTube Channel and watch the full Capacity Europe 2023 Playlist here.


Capacity Europe 2023 | DAY 1 – October 17, 2023

K&N Global Filtration’s Scott Harrison: Sustainable High-Performance Air Filtration for Data Centers

K&N Global Filtration’s Scott Harrison shares how data centers are transforming their operations with K&N’s high-performance air filters — the only washable, reusable, sustainability-focused air filters on the market today. Plus, Scott talks about global expansion and what’s in store for K&N in 2024. 

AtlasEdge Data Centres’ Mark Cooper: Shaping the Future of Edge Infrastructure

AtlasEdge Data Centres’ Mark Cooper, VP of Market and Business Development at AtlasEdge Data Centres, delves into the future of Edge Infrastructure. Learn how they’re shaping the digital landscape and driving innovation at the “edge.”

Indigo’s Niall Looney: Hyperscalers, Digital Infrastructure and Indigo’s Differentiators

The digital infrastructure landscape is rapidly evolving, and hyperscalers are playing a significant role. Niall Looney, Key Account Director for Indigo gives us the lowdown on how the company is navigating this transformative trend. Indigo is laser-focused on maximizing uptime across fixed line, wireless, and subsea networks, and they have built a trusted supply chain. 

IXAfrica’s Niraj Shah: Building the African Data Center Market

Niraj Shah with IXAfrica joins JSA TV to talk about the booming African data center market and how they’re readying for the use of more artificial intelligence in data centers. 

SmartCiC’s Chris Harper: Delivering Smarter Digital Infrastructure

Is your digital infrastructure as smart as it could be? Chris Harper of SmartCic joins JSA TV to discuss the benefits of linking solutions and SmartCic’s deep bench of connectivity offerings.

London Internet Exchange’s Jennifer Holmes: How LINX is Leading the Way w/ UK Internet Connectivity

Jennifer Holmes of the London Internet Exchange (LINX) discusses how the UK remains a critical market for interconnectivity and what regions LINX is headed to next! 

AFR-IX Telecom’s Dylan Carver: Fiber Optic Expansion and AFR-IX’s Last Mile Access Plan for Africa

Strategic Account Lead Dylan Carver shares AFR-IX Telecom’s plans to design, operate, maintain and audit fiber optic networks in Africa. AFR-IX Telecom delivers much needed last mile access by developing strong ties with local operators to create connectivity access between the company’s ACE submarine cable and core networks. 


Colt Technology Services’ Yasutaka Mizutani: Is Digital Infrastructure Ready for AI?

Is the digital infrastructure industry ready for artificial intelligence? JSA TV takes this question to Yasutaka Mizutani of Colt Technology Services.


ILEO’s Soline Olszanski Discusses Connectivity Enablement Throughout France

IELO Group’s Soline Olszanski discusses connectivity throughout France and how she foresees the industry evolving in 2024 and beyond.

Emmanuel Rochas Discusses Orange’s Sustainable Innovations and Connectivity Achievements

CEO Emmanuel Rochas shares remarkable insights into Orange’s transformative initiatives, including a strategic partnership with Koolboks and the launch of their innovative cable-laying vessel, Sophie Germain. Discover how connectivity is driving digital transformation and sustainability at Orange. 


Capacity Europe 2023 | Day 2 – October 18, 2023

Connectbase’s Edison Smith: Strengthening the Global Connectivity Ecosystem

Edison Smith, Global VP of Sales at Connectbase, shares exciting news about the company’s planning and prospecting tool enhancements that includes tenancy data for locations throughout the UK and Ireland. He also discusses how Connectbase is helping a global connectivity industry work in local markets in EMEA and other regions as well as how two powerful platforms have come together through Connectbase’s acquisition of London-based LastMileXchange earlier this year.

Angola Cables’ Artur Mendes: Network Infrastructure in West Africa, Subsea Cables + More

Angola Cables’ Artur Mendes discusses emerging markets in the network infrastructure industry, how Angola Cables is supporting the digital infrastructure needs of businesses in West Africa and what the company has in store for the future.

Verizon Partner Solutions’ Jennifer Parkhill: A Feature Interview at Capacity Europe

Jennifer Parkhill of Verizon Partner Solutions joins JSA TV to discuss the latest trends and happenings in the industry.

Qarbon Technologies’ Omer Wilson: Transforming Data Centers with an Innovative Approach

Explore the future of data centers with Omer Wilson, Chief Marketing Officer of Qarbon Technologies. Learn how their SaaS-based orchestration platform is simplifying data center operations, fostering sustainability and playing a role in the transformative potential of data centers in the digital era.

Inter.link’s Theo Voss: Unveiling Network Innovation

CEO and Co-Founder Theo Voss describes the disruptive potential of Inter.link’s approach to networking and connectivity. Learn about their mission and innovative insights shared at the “Convergence of Connectivity and Cloud Networks” event. 

NJFX’s Felix Seda: A Featured Interview at Capacity Europe

NJFX’s Felix Seda catches up with JSA TV at Capacity Europe to share the latest updates on the subsea cable.

Aqua Comms’ Stacie Pascale: New AEC 3 Subsea Trans Atlantic Cable System + Sustainability Projects

Aqua Comms’ Stacie Loidolt shares updates on the new Amitié (AEC-3) transatlantic subsea cable system – the first modern subsea cable system to directly connect Boston to Europe. Stacie also dives into the subsea industry’s role in sustainability and a unique sustainability project that Aqua Comms supports with the Clew Bay Oyster Coop.


Zenlayer’s Craig Kaplan Discusses Their Vision for Global Digital User Experience

Zenlayer’s Craig Kaplan shares how the company is redefining the global digital user experience. Discover Zenlayer’s recent accolades and insights into their new partnership with Mobily. Stay connected with the leaders in global connectivity and digital innovation. #Zenlayer #DigitalUserExperience #InnovationLeaders


Aegis Mobile’s John Bruner: Identity Protection and Fraud Detection Across the Mobile Ecosystem

Aegis Mobile’s President and CEO John Bruner discusses the growth of the mobile ecosystem, and the impact the company’s actionable intelligence and operational solutions have on protecting and optimizing some of the biggest global brands.

Retelit’s Diego Teot: Network Infrastructure in Italy, 400g + Digital Transformation

Retelit’s Diego Teot discusses the drivers behind the growth in Italy’s network infrastructure – highlighting how Retelit’s backbone is 400g enabled in Northeast Italy. He also shares his experience with supporting customers on their digital transformation journey’s – including the challenges and solutions to adoption.


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