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Another Big Win for Zenlayer at PTC’ 24 Annual Conference

Zenlayer, the world’s first hyperconnected cloud, is celebrating another big win at this year’s Pacific Telecommunications Council’s (PTC’s) 2024 annual conference. The company was  awarded the Outstanding Enterprise Solutions Award, marking a significant milestone for the company and recognizing its outstanding achievements in delivering transformative networking solutions to the enterprise community. Zenlayer has received two other awards from PTC, including Outstanding Cloud, Data Center, or Interconnection Company and Outstanding C-level Executive, which honored Zenlayer Founder and CEO Joe Zhu. 

Throughout the past year, Zenlayer has played a vital role in assisting enterprises across diverse industries, including fintech, retail, manufacturing, and automotive, in building global connections and enhancing their digital experiences. Zenlayer’s solutions offer instant and flexible connectivity to any data center, cloud, or customer-chosen site, making it unique. Businesses leveraging Zenlayer’s services can access local resources, scale quickly at a lower cost, and expand into otherwise unreachable markets, resulting in operational improvements, cost savings, and superior network performance.

Zenlayer has forged strong partnerships with hyperscalers such as AWS and GCP, earning recognition as an AWS Rising Star Partner of the Year for the second consecutive year. This acknowledgment highlights Zenlayer’s pivotal role in assisting customers to drive innovation and build solutions on the AWS platform.

Zenlayer’s recent recognition at PTC is the beginning of more. The company shows no signs of slowing down in 2024 and has been incubating various strategic initiatives to enable more emerging enterprise use cases, accommodating the evolving needs of modern businesses.

To learn more about Zenlayer, visit their site and connect via LinkedIn and Twitter.

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