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Zenlayer Receives Funding from Indonesia’s Largest Telecommunications Company

Financing Solidifies Zenlayer’s Position as a Leading Edge Cloud Services Provider in Southeast Asia

Zenlayer, a leading edge cloud service provider for emerging markets worldwide, announces the completion of supplemental financing from MDI Ventures, the investment arm of Telkom Indonesia, the country’s largest telecommunications company. This C+ funding brings the entire Series-C financing round to $62 million.

“This strategic investment will fortify Zenlayer’s position as the edge cloud provider of choice in Indonesia and its surrounding regions. We are highly committed to Southeast Asia, as evidenced by our new dedicated sales and support team headquartered in Singapore. In Indonesia alone, we have 16 interconnected PoPs (points of presence), along with an additional 150 PoPs in APAC. Telkom Indonesia’s vast network in Southeast Asia will boost our capability to provide on-demand, ultra-low latency compute and networking services in the world’s fastest-growing internet region.” –  Joe Zhu, CEO & Founder of Zenlayer

Southeast Asia’s internet economy is the world’s largest, now worth about $105 billion, and there is still plenty of room for growth. Telkom Indonesia serves 8 million fixed broadband subscribers and nearly 170 million mobile users. For multinational businesses seeking entry into Indonesia, Zenlayer is the clear choice. The company is the leader and premier edge cloud solutions provider in the APAC region. 

An increasing number of U.S. and European businesses are expanding their footprints into this region, and other emerging markets worldwide, to capitalize on economic opportunities in industry verticals such as streaming media, gaming, blockchain, fintech, and SaaS, among others. The region’s rapid population growth, coupled with an exponential proliferation of 5G-enabled wireless users, is attracting droves of businesses hoping to establish and grow their user base.  Zenlayer’s broad suite of edge cloud services including Bare Metal Cloud and Cloud Networking leveraging best-of-breed technology partners enable organizations to instantly deploy their applications closer to end users and deliver the best digital experience possible. Those businesses can confidently partner with Zenlayer’s local support personnel for assistance navigating regional regulatory hurdles as well as language and cultural barriers.  

“We are investing in Zenlayer because we saw its explosive growth potential. In just the past six months, not only has the company expanded its global infrastructure and workforce by 25%, but it has also launched a successful PaaS product – Zenlayer Global Accelerator (ZGA), signaling its technological capability to move up the stack. We look forward to offering Telkom customers easy-to-use cloud services powered by APIs as we dive deeper into our partnership with Zenlayer.”  – Donald Wihardja, CEO of MDI Ventures

For more information about Zenlayer, please visit www.zenlayer.com. And follow Zenlayer on LinkedIn and Twitter


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