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Zenlayer Helps Gaming Providers Reach Emerging Markets

In recent years, there is an explosive demand for gaming services in developing countries, which translates to huge revenue potential in these economies. And gaming companies have a fortuitous opportunity to capitalize on that and gain market share in these regions. 

Global expansion can be challenging in some emerging markets, however, due to issues such as:

  • Underdeveloped infrastructure
  • Fragmented ISP landscape
  • Inadequate connectivity to local eyeball networks
  • Local government restrictions and regulations
  • Complex compliance issues
  • Poor pricing transparency

While it can be difficult for companies to expand into these hard-to-reach markets, it’s not impossible, and gaming and streaming media organizations are leveraging global edge cloud and networking providers with worldwide geographic coverage.  Here are some ways edge cloud providers help game developers.

Accelerated Content

To produce the best results, gaming content needs to be hosted as close to the consumer as possible, such as in an edge cloud provider’s bare metal cloud residing in a PoP that is proximate to the player. This is why multinational game publishers are using edge providers’ compute, networking and content acceleration services, which involves placing the gaming resources in a cloud environment located at the “edge.” 

Breaking into the Metaverse

The Metaverse is essentially a virtual world, featuring rich, dynamic content such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies, and 3D. To ensure the best user experience, builders of the Metaverse can rely on edge cloud provider infrastructure to bring processing as close to end users as possible. 

Reaching Beyond Hyperscalers

Online gaming companies often assume big hyperscalers have coverage everywhere around the world. However, public cloud is not in – or even close to, in many cases – large urban centers in emerging markets. There are 402 emerging market cities with populations over 1 million, and just 29 emerging market cities with public cloud data centers. 

Forbes recently published an article authored by Zenlayer’s Chief Product Officer, David Xie in which David discusses the tremendous opportunity for gaming companies in emerging markets and dives deeper into some of the challenges global gaming leaders are facing.  

Read the full article to learn more and discover how gaming providers are leveraging Zenlayer’s globally interconnected private backbone for cloud networking to ensure fast and reliable interconnectivity, reduce latency, and overcome emerging market cloud infrastructure gaps – giving them a powerful advantage at the edge.

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