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Zenlayer Helps Enterprises Unlock Asia-Pacific Expansion

Zenlayer Helps Enterprises Unlock Asia-Pacific Expansion 

Today, our world operates within a truly global economy, and expanding operations across continents is daunting for any enterprise. However, venturing into Asia-Pacific’s dynamic and diverse markets presents challenges, from regulatory hurdles to logistical complexities. With the right partner, navigating these obstacles is manageable. Zenlayer, the world’s first hyperconnected cloud, hopes to bridge this gap by offering enterprises a seamless pathway for businesses to establish and grow their presence in Asia-Pacific.

Zenlayer offers a comprehensive solution to address these challenges, empowering enterprises to swiftly and seamlessly expand into Asia-Pacific. By leveraging its hyperconnected cloud network and on-demand edge compute services, Zenlayer enables businesses to overcome barriers such as inadequate coverage, limited access to local networks, and slow market entry. Additionally, Zenlayer has also partnered with Equinix, the world’s leading digital infrastructure and interconnection company. Jointly, these companies offer the most-hyperconnected and most robust infrastructure enterprises can leverage in Asia to connect anything to anything. 

With Zenlayer enterprises can:

1. Reach 99% of the internet population in Asia: Zenlayer’s high-performance network ensures low-latency connectivity, guaranteeing service quality and stability across the region.

2. Access cost-effective services: Through Zenlayer’s extensive partner ecosystem, businesses can connect with leading regional networks and cloud service providers, optimizing their digital infrastructure while minimizing costs.

3. Overcome logistical and compliance challenges: Zenlayer’s expertise in navigating Asia’s regulatory landscape and its rapid deployment services accelerate market entry, ensuring compliance with local regulations and data localization laws.

Zenlayer’s high-performance Asia network spans nearly 200 PoPs, covering 99% of the regional internet population, optimizing and simplifying connections to hard-to-reach locations like Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and even the most remote reaches of mainland China. 72 of those PoPs offer on-demand edge compute, availing dedicated bare metal servers and highly flexible virtual machine instances that enable companies to host content and applications closer to end users to minimize distance-based latency and ensure consistent service quality.

Zenlayer’s hyperconnected cloud fabric gives enterprises direct access to leading regional networks and cloud service providers at reasonable costs. The company’s rich ecosystem helps save time and resources while ensuring compatibility across the entire digital infrastructure.

Partnering with Zenlayer unlocks access to data centers worldwide and over 10,000 ISP, telecom carrier, and internet exchange peers that include leading regional network providers like Telkom Indonesia, Viettel, PLDT, Indosat, Airtel, Tata, Singtel, Korea Telecom, SK Broadband, KDDI, Softbank, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, and many more.

Additionally, enterprises can augment their hybrid or multi-cloud strategy with more than 300 cloud onramps that offer direct connections to the most-used public clouds, such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Tencent Cloud, and more.

Without a partner who can provide fast and reliable networking, robust compute services, and regional expertise, enterprises might encounter challenges such as inadequate coverage and infrastructure gaps to limit access and slow market entry. Zenlayer’s hyperconnected cloud network fabric, robust partner ecosystem, and on-demand edge compute offered through massively distributed global PoPs can assist in making business expansion into Asia and other emerging markets as smoothly and effortlessly as possible. 

To learn more about Zenlayer, visit their site and connect via LinkedIn and Twitter.

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