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Zenlayer Featured in Forbes on Top Edge Computing Trends in 2023

David Xie, Chief Product Officer of Zenlayer, recently shared his thoughts on top edge computing trends for 2023 in an article that was featured on Forbes.com. He provided expert insights into how businesses are rethinking their expansion plans to take advantage of advancements and innovations that are changing the computing landscape. Key trends referenced in the article include: 

  1. Supporting cloud AI deployments with edge computing
  2. Reconnecting in the post-Covid world
  3. Using edge computing to reduce IT costs 
  4. Securing the perimeter
  5. Enabling cloud computing
  6. Hosting apps and services 


Zenlayer is the leading edge cloud service provider for emerging markets worldwide and was also  recently featured on Forbes.com, in an article discussing How Edge Cloud Providers Are Helping Game Developers Win New Market Share. For more information about Zenlayer, please visit www.zenlayer.com. And follow Zenlayer on LinkedIn and Twitter

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