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Zenlayer Announces Partnership with CBC Tech

Zenlayer, a massively distributed edge cloud service provider, partners with CBC Tech, a leading provider of next-generation Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) in more than 30 markets, to extend its Global eNet SASE Connect to global emerging markets.

Coming out of the recent ITW conference, Zenlayer and CBC Tech announced a partnership that will now enable CBC Tech to offer secure, high-speed and global-scale connectivity solutions to its customers worldwide. 

By leveraging Zenlayer’s massively distributed infrastructure, CBC Tech will be able to extend the reach of eNet Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) Connect –- from the current 25 PoPs (Points-of-Presence) to 50 worldwide over its global fabric. Its customers will not only enjoy high-speed connectivity into far-reaching locations across ASEAN, India, Middle East, and South America, but also access a suite of additional edge cloud services powered by Zenlayer, such as bare metal, virtual machine, and IP transit. CBC Tech, at the same time, will deploy security services over the Zenlayer backbone as part of the joint offering.

Operating over 280 hyperconnected edge nodes in the fastest-growing regions in the world, Zenlayer is a leader in edge cloud and the easy-button partner for SD-WAN/SASE providers to extend their global reach in an elastic and cost-effective manner.

“The partnership combines advanced networking capabilities of both companies to drive our business forward and stay competitive in today’s market.” said David Xie, Chief Product Offer of Zenlayer. “It’s exciting to see how this strategic endeavor will enhance eNet SASE Connect’s capabilities to meet the rapidly evolving market needs.”

For more information about Zenlayer, please visit www.zenlayer.com and don’t forget to follow Zenlayer on LinkedIn and Twitter to stay up to date with the latest company news and announcements.

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