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Zayo Completes Expansion at NJFX with Additional High Capacity Fiber Cables

Expansion Enables Increased Capacity and Diversity and Offers Customers Access to Four Subsea Cables

NJFX  announces Zayo’s (Zayo Group Holdings Inc.) expansion at its CLS campus with the completion of two additional, diverse, underground, high-capacity fiber cables interconnecting the NJFX campus to Zayo’s global network. With an anchor point at NJFX, Zayo’s new network infrastructure supports metro and long-haul solutions, both lit and dark. This  enables transmission of hundreds of terabytes of data. The expansion also supports Zayo’s Tier 1 IP solutions, offering customers global reach by interconnecting into four subsea cables including Havfrue/AEC-2, Seabras, TGN1 and TGN2.

“Zayo is a long-standing collaborator within the NJFX ecosystem and is well-known for delivering mission-critical bandwidth to support leading global companies,” said Gil Santaliz, CEO for NJFX. “We are pleased to host Zayo’s expanded Point-of-Presence at the NJFX CLS, as it fortifies access to their dense metro networks and expansive long haul fiber. Access to high-capacity networks is vitally critical for companies in order for them to leverage the latest in technology such as 5G, IoT, AV and more.”

This new infrastructure expansion enables Zayo’s customers, including OTTs, educational entities, financial institutions, government agencies, healthcare systems, gaming platforms, and telecommunications providers, the ability to leverage the critical bandwidth needed to support today’s technological innovations. Zayo’s network spans 13 million fiber miles and 126,000 route miles across 400 markets in the U.S., Canada and Western Europe. The company’s expansion at NJFX CLS enables higher capacity, faster transmission and represents the largest fiber concentration by any carrier at the CLS.

“The quality, density and diversity of Zayo’s network provides a significant advantage for customers at the NJFX CLS, one of North America’s largest interconnection points,” said Brad Kilbey, Senior Vice President of Zayo Networks, East Region. “Our expanded presence at this unique facility underscores our commitment to supporting companies that are fueling growth and innovation.”

To schedule a virtual tour or conference, please contact [email protected]. For more information, please visit www.njfx.net.

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