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YonaLink and TrialJectory: Expanding Diversification in Clinical Trials

Today, clinical trials must overcome limited, undiversified patient enrollment due to manual data collection. This process is inefficient, expensive, and ultimately delays new therapies from coming to market — A multi-billion dollar problem.

Following a recent announcement by the Israel-U.S. BIRD Foundation, YonaLink and TrialJectory received a $1 million grant to develop a platform to enroll diverse patients from various sites in clinical trials by automating the clinical trial value chain.  This grant, split between the two companies, is part of a $6 million allocation for six projects between partnered U.S. and Israeli companies.

With a patient-first approach, this joint project reinvents the clinical trial model. Using these companies’ proprietary technologies, this solution will automate the complex process of conducting clinical trials. As a result, it will bring new therapies to market faster, ensure patient safety by eliminating manual data capture and save patients’ lives no matter their age, race or ethnicity. 

TrialJectory is a patient-first, digital health company that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to match and empower cancer patients to get more involved in decisions about their treatment. The company provides direct access to cancer patients and comprehensive, proprietary data and insights about the patient, including medical information, demographic details, and insight into the decisions they made about their treatment. 

YonaLink’s AI-driven clinical trial data management platform adds real-time streaming data to the improved TrialJectory clinical trial process. This saves clinical trial sponsors more than 30 percent on the cost, and months in data management, cleansing, and analysis.  

“Our platform guarantees secure, error-free, live data-streaming that enhances productive collaboration between health care providers and clinical trial researchers,” said Iddo Peleg, CEO and co-founder of YonaLink. “The YonaLink model is a much-needed cost and time effective solution that propels clinical research by expanding diversity and enrollment in trials, and enables participation of smaller medical centers, while also ensuring patient safety by eliminating manual data capture, monitoring, and conversion.”

The combination of two innovative technologies enables this project’s novel approach to come to life. While the TrialJectory technology matches patients and supports patients’ application, wherever they are, to relevant clinical trials, by reducing the enrollment period by 20 percent; the YonaLink system provides the technological means permitting trial sponsors to save on traditional trial costs and reduce the analysis time by months. The result is the diversification of clinical trial populations and clinical trial sites, answering the pressing market need.

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