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XKL Unveils Easy-to-Use, Predictable Long-Haul Options for Simpler Network Deployment & Planning

When the time comes to deploy, upgrade or manage a network, headaches can quickly ensue. If you add on ungainly solutions that aren’t right-sized for individual needs (which are unfortunately typical in today’s optical networking environment), you also have potentially complex operational or financial models. However, XKL — an optical network solutions provider dedicated to making DWDM easy — knows it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Today, the company announced multiple new capabilities within its DarkStar line of DWDM products that take complex solutions and turn them into manageable, effective networks.

These new features, Raman amplification, dynamic equalization and optical channel monitoring, offer network operators a right-sized, license-free solution for operating their network — on their terms. This kind of predictability for long-term forecasting (and ease of deployment) is rare in today’s market.

“XKL is here to prove that network deployment, expansion and management doesn’t have to be burdened by complex, larger-than-life solutions with inaccessible operational or financial models. It really can be as easy and as right-sized as customers need it to be,” comments Chad Lamb, Chief Systems Architect at XKL. “By expanding our integrated amplification, equalization and monitoring solutions, we’re building even more power into an easy-to-use network offering that reduces planning and cost complexity while delivering more unique network advantages in both long-haul and local applications.”

XKL is revolutionizing the landscape of DWDM, breaking barriers by offering cost-effective solutions that are everything a customer needs (and nothing they don’t). Dedicated to being a trusted partner, the company prides itself in delivering high levels of customer care and guided expertise every step of the way.

To learn more about the new capabilities and to read the press release in its entirety, click here

Interested in meeting with XKL at an upcoming event? The company will be onsite at NANOG 90, held February 12-14, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Click here to request an onsite meeting or contact [email protected]

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