What the World Can Learn From the Asia Pacific Region’s Recovery from COVID-19

As the U.S. and countries across the globe are reeling while trying to keep economies afloat during a global pandemic, parts of the Asia Pacific region have already unlocked key measures leading to recovery. A free virtual executive roundtable taking place on May 19 will address what leaders everywhere can learn from the APAC region’s recuperation.


Front-Row Seat

Big Data Exchange (BDx), a data center company with headquarters in Hong Kong, has had a unique perspective as the COVID-19 pandemic has taken hold worldwide. The company has data centers in China, where the COVID-19 pandemic began, and leaders have watched as the situation moved to the rest of the APAC region and beyond. With some APAC economies reopening, BDx is a few steps ahead of the rest of the world, and leaders can share insights on what has been successful as the rest of the world continues on the road to recovery.


A Look Into Asia: Paving the Path Ahead

In BDx’s executive roundtable, “A Look Into Asia: Paving the Path Ahead,” top industry leaders from BDx will discuss how an economy can move through the pandemic and succeed in its wake. BDx leaders from across the APAC region will talk about the global market and how data center companies can help the industry move forward, as well as how they have continued to thrive despite the economic challenges brought on by the pandemic. This year, BDx announced the construction of one data center in Nanjing and the acquisition of another in Singapore.


Registration Details

The virtual executive roundtable takes place at 11 a.m. EST on Tuesday, May 19. To register for the FREE event, click here. The first 100 to register and attend will receive a $20 MasterCard gift card. Panelists include:

  • Braham Singh, CEO of BDx
  • David Kim, COO of BDx China
  • Sujit Panda, CTO of BDx China
  • Abhijit Sinha, Commercial Lead for BDx

To learn more about BDx, visit www.bdxworld.com.

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