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1623 2023

What are 2023’s Top IT Priorities? A Data Center and Connectivity Expert Weighs In

With every turn around the sun comes change, and for businesses of all sizes across a host of verticals, change now means increased digitalization. In the face of a rapidly approaching 2023, many business leaders are finding themselves once again faced with the challenge of understanding how to evolve to suit the needs of their markets — and how to best situate their organizations for IT success. 

1623 Farnam, an interconnected edge data center and cloud and connectivity expert, just put out its forecast for what’s to come in the new year, and it has also mapped out a few considerations to help keep businesses on track. From how to build a new, data gravity-driven connectivity framework, to the importance of Internet Exchanges (like its own Omaha IX) and observations on how data center service discussions are changing, this article on The Fast Mode offers an array of crucial insights. 

Written by 1623 Farnam’s Executive Vice President, Bill Severn, this piece offers a view into how critical infrastructure procurement is evolving in the face of technologically advanced applications like the Metaverse. Furthermore, with more organizations looking to capitalize on extended reality, AI and 5G tools to deliver the best customer experiences, Severn outlines the key principles that will guide the creation of the lowest-latency network and connectivity architectures. He also gives data center operators some food for thought on how to read the writing on the wall from tenants about their goals — and adjust their operations to suit those needs. 

Here’s an important note that the entire critical infrastructure industry should be taking to heart: Heads will ultimately need to come together in 2023 (and the years that follow) to establish new metrics and measurements for new data center goals. As Severn notes, we’re likely to see more discourse around this as sustainability, efficiency, and other priorities are solidified in the minds and strategies of tenants everywhere. As it turns out, PUEs might not be enough to measure progress and success with the granularity and control that organizations are starting to look for. 

To read this 2023 predictions article in full, click here. To learn more about 1623 Farnam, visit www.1623farnam.com.

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