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Welcome to the 5G Era – What’s Ahead for 2022 and Beyond?

After years of anticipation and planning, the 5G era has arrived. With major network providers worldwide continuing to roll out 5G service and such next-generation applications as augmented and virtual reality becoming more common, 2022 promises to be an eventful year in the global digital transformation.

What comes next? Within a few years, experts say, we’ll be living in smart cities, working in smart factories and offices, and eating food produced by smart agriculture. We’ll entertain ourselves with highly interactive gaming in the metaverse and by watching movies and TV shows that take only a few milliseconds to download on 5G-enabled laptops and tablets with multi-Gbps home connections. Holographic imaging and greater access to patient records will usher in a new age of medical miracles. Wireless robots will transform the manufacturing industry, perhaps even building driverless cars – another innovation made practical by this ongoing revolution in communication technology.

To make these exciting possibilities a reality, telecom carriers, equipment manufacturers and edge data center providers like 1623 Farnam are working to build 5G-ready infrastructure, boosting network performance, ramping up speeds and reducing latency to ensure a peak user experience. And planning is already underway for 6G and future generations of communications technology.

Of course, no one can say for certain what tomorrow will bring, but the 5G future looks bright.

To learn more about the 5G future and how you can best prepare for the 5G era, check out 1623 Farnam’s latest blog here and additional 5G resources in THIS FAQ 

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