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Webinar: Blackfoot Carrier Services Talks Wholesale Managed Services

Webinar hosted by ChannelVision takes place October 14, 2020 at 2 pm EST

In today’s ever-changing telecom landscape, how can carriers and managed service providers continue to deliver what their customers need in rural America? That is a question that Missoula, Montana-based Blackfoot Carrier Services has been helping its partners, from big-name carriers to small and mid-sized service providers, solve successfully for years.

Who is Blackfoot Carrier Services?

Blackfoot Carrier ServicesBlackfoot Communications began as a rural telephone operator in 1954, delivering voice services to ranchers across Western Montana. Over the next six decades, the company grew into a leading provider of managed services, cloud architecture and carrier services across the western United States, while continuing to focus on local communities. In recent times, the company has focused more heavily on distinguishing its carrier services division, led by Todd Twete, Director of Carrier Services.

Blackfoot Carrier Services counts one of America’s “big four” mobile providers as its largest customer. Throughout rural America in general, carrier customers search for partners like Blackfoot that can provide their towers with backhaul, transport to their switching centers and, of course, redundant and reliable infrastructure. With service spanning 16 western states, Blackfoot Carrier Services’ offerings are key in enabling carriers to rapidly meet the growing needs of their end-users in some of America’s most remote areas. In some cases, Blackfoot technicians might even go out on snowmobiles, snowcats and helicopters to provide service.

Beyond its standard carrier services, the company also focuses on service providers and telecom operators that are working to balance the need to deliver what their customers want with internal resource constraints. Earlier this year, Blackfoot Carrier Services introduced a managed services platform for retail business customers to help them meet their network, security and communications needs. Over the past few weeks, the team has extended this offering to telecom operators through a wholesale managed services program.

Wholesale Managed Services: Blackfoot Carrier Services Leads a Webinar

Blackfoot Carrier ServicesNow, Blackfoot Carrier Services is going a step further. As Todd says, “In light of the positive reception we have had to our managed services offerings, we are turning our first-hand experience and expertise into a program that other network operators can leverage.” In partnership with ChannelVision, Blackfoot Carrier Services is therefore hosting a roundtable webinar to discuss the benefits of wholesale managed services on Wednesday, October 14, 2020 at 2 pm EST. The entire session is a case study of sorts, examining Blackfoot’s relationship with one of its partners, Range, and how they are leveraging Blackfoot’s wholesale managed services.

Roundtable speakers include Todd Twete, Director of Carrier Services and Shaun Dombrosky, Network Engineer. In addition, Rob Johnson, Business Development Manager for Range will join the panel. They’ll chat about the business drivers and benefits of partnering with a wholesale provider that has invested in the development of relevant and reliable managed services.

To learn more about the webinar or to register, click here.

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