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Horizon Webinar

Webinar: A Conversation at the Intersection of Fiber and Community Development

Everyone needs a network that they can rely on. However, the distribution of advanced networking opportunities still remains skewed, leaving some communities — or even entire regions — out of the loop. Without mission-critical connectivity, businesses and communities alike are unable to keep pace with a rapidly changing digital world. Boosting the amount and the equitable distribution of robust fiber is a key part of creating a more ubiquitously enabled world — but this mission requires collaboration. In order to democratize advanced networking and connectivity, trusted fiber-optic broadband partner Horizon is holding an insightful webinar on the topic. 

The webinar, titled “How Dense Fiber is Changing the World”, will take place on September 15 at 1PM ET, offering crucial insights into the future of networking and the opportunities that dense fiber deployments deliver to businesses across all verticals.

This panel, moderated by Glenn Lytle, Horizon’s CRO, will feature perspectives from speakers such as:

  • David Scheffler, Mayor of Lancaster, Ohio 
  • Ryan McCowan, CTO Americas & AVP Portfolio Strategy at Adtran
  • Taylor Stepp, Project Manager for OhioSE Economic Development
  • Brian Riley, Senior Vice President of FTTP, Horizon 

Attendees can expect to come away from this webinar equipped with greater knowledge about:

  • Why broadband companies, communities and local governments should invest heavily into network densification
  • How digital divides in underserved areas can be closed while increasing business development opportunities and community engagement
  • The value that dense networks bring across 5G, small cells, Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) and more
  • How and why rich fiber is the true foundation of innovation

As a provider operating out of Columbus, Horizon has a front-row seat to what happens when areas are overlooked or unable to access optimized networks. To date, the company has been in the midst of a massive Fiber-to-the-Home push, bringing high-speed and cost-effective connectivity to in-need communities in Ohio and beyond. This network growth has seen Horizon launch projects in Washington Court House, Lancaster and more. Horizon has also recently been awarded two projects by the Ohio Residential Broadband Expansion Grant Program in Fayette, Highland and Ross Counties in the state.

With informative webinars like this one, Horizon is continuing to serve as a steward of technological opportunity for its communities, underscoring its reputation as a trusted provider and local leader.

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To learn more about Horizon’s suite of next-generation networking solutions, visit www.horizonconnects.com.

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