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Walking the Digital Transformation Tightrope: Involta Offers Expert Advice

The digital transformation happening in today’s healthcare landscape is more complex than ever before. Providers and organizations are looking for the most efficient, cost-effective and secure ways to connect the dots between groundbreaking healthcare technology and compliance and cybersecurity challenges. Involta has the expertise to help navigate the complexities and provide Best in KLAS-recognized services that improve patient care. The company is teaming up with Becker’s Healthcare to provide advice, insight and expertise to help navigate that landscape. 

Technology Partnerships Deliver Better Outcomes in Healthcare

In the rapid digital transformation of the ever evolving healthcare industry, technology partnerships have become increasingly important to deliver better outcomes for patients. Collaboration between healthcare providers and technology companies can lead to the development of innovative solutions that improve patient care, reduce costs, and streamline operations.

By working together, healthcare providers can gain access to cutting-edge technologies that they may not have the expertise or resources to develop in-house. Technology partnerships also help to foster a culture of innovation and continuous improvement in healthcare, ultimately leading to better outcomes for patients and a more efficient and effective healthcare system.

Electronic Health Records Empower Patients and Practitioners 

Digital transformation in the form of electronic health records (EHRs) have revolutionized the healthcare industry, empowering both patients and practitioners in numerous ways. EHRs enable patients to have access to their own medical records, allowing them to take a more active role in their own healthcare. For practitioners, EHRs streamline workflow, reduce paperwork, and provide access to comprehensive patient information, ultimately leading to improved patient care. However, the HIPAA-imposed privacy and security requirements must be prioritized. Experts at Involta offer best practices for balancing digital transformation efforts with stringent EHR compliance requirements. 

Insight and Advice from Industry Experts

Involta knows healthcare technology and understands IT challenges. Involta prioritizes security in all services offerings, providing innovative data center services that support healthcare platforms for Precision Medicine, PACs/Imaging, Data Analytics, Telemedicine, and multiple Electronic Health Records applications. 

On April 25th, Involta’s experts will provide insight on a webinar powered by Becker’s to discuss:

  • How to avoid EHR adoption hurdles
  • Cost-effective EHR hosting to ensure scalability
  • How to overcome data migration and privacy hurdles

In addition, attendees will learn how patient satisfaction and better patient outcomes are directly tied to digital transformation, including to the ease of accessibility of EHRs, for both patients and healthcare providers.

Register now here.  And learn more about Involta’s healthcare IT services at www.involta.com


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