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vXchnge and CenturyLink Partner to Bring Cloud On-Ramp Options to Key Edge Markets, Nationwide

vXchnge and CenturyLink have partnered to bring CenturyLink’s Cloud Connect Solution to vXchnge edge data centers. CenturyLink’s Cloud Connect Solution offers secure, high-performance and virtualized networking functionality, including SD-WAN, to leading public and private clouds. This includes Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, among others.

“The deployment of CenturyLink’s Cloud Connect Solution enables enterprises, MSPs and other digital media companies colocated in a vXchnge data center to interconnect with CenturyLink for their critical cloud access needs.”  Ernie Sampera, CMO at vXchnge.

The partnership comes as vXchnge doubles down in blossoming edge markets such as Nashville – where the company is targeting established and growing, data-intensive, verticals such as healthcare. CenturyLink’s Cloud Connect is officially available in vXchnge edge data center markets across the US, including Santa Clara, Minneapolis, St. Paul, St. Louis, Raleigh-Durham, Portland, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Nashville and Austin.

CenturyLink’s available dynamic, SDN-based controls provide customers with a network experience that matches their cloud experience. The partnership with vXchnge strengthens this ability and adds another top tier provider to vXchnge’s cloud connectivity fabric and interconnection ecosystem.

“vXchnge provides the foundational platform for network centric applications deployments. Our award-winning data centers are attracting the finest network, content and cloud on-ramp enablers. Our partner ecosystem continues to strengthen in depth and scale.”

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