Vertek launches turnkey RansomMDR Service

Vertek x Halcyon: A Strategic Partnership to Combat Ransomware

Vertek and Halcyon have joined forces to create a powerful alliance to provide robust customer protection in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats. Vertek, a renowned Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) and Telecom Operations Services provider, has partnered with Halcyon, a trailblazing cyber resilience platform designed to combat ransomware. This strategic collaboration promises to fortify cybersecurity defenses and empower organizations to embrace emerging technologies while safeguarding their digital assets confidently.

Ransomware on the Rise

Ransomware attacks have become increasingly pervasive, with a surge in ransomware providers and their criminal affiliates. According to the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), there were 23 known ransomware groups in 2020, which has now swelled to over 50 in 2023, accompanied by hundreds of active affiliates targeting organizations globally. The lucrative nature of ransomware attacks, with average recovery costs reaching $2 million and a staggering $14 billion ransomware industry in 2022, drives the expansion of these threats.

Ransomware tactics have also evolved significantly. Attackers have moved beyond simple data encryption, resorting to data theft and extortion, posing more significant risks to organizations. Moreover, ransomware attacks are no longer limited to large enterprises; they now target small businesses, individuals, government offices and educational institutions.

Halcyon’s Anti-Ransomware Platform

Halcyon addresses these challenges with a multifaceted approach. Their Anti-Ransomware Platform employs multiple layers of prevention and response to thwart ransomware at every stage of an attack. It leverages AI-powered techniques such as pre-execution prevention, behavioral analysis and deception tactics to detect and prevent known and unknown ransomware strains.

Vertek’s RansomMDR Service

To bolster defenses against ransomware, Vertek has developed a fully managed Anti-Ransomware Managed Detection Response (MDR) cybersecurity service. This service combines Halcyon’s Anti-Ransomware Platform with D3’s Smart SOAR™ (Security Orchestration Automation Response) Platform and Vertek’s custom security operations, threat hunting and threat intelligence.

Key Features:

  • 24/7/365 monitoring and threat detection for rapid response.
  • Expert threat intelligence to contextualize alarms and enhance threat analysis.
  • Incident response capabilities to contain and remediate threats swiftly.
  • Reporting and analytics to improve security measures over time.

Vertek’s RansomMDR service offers several advantages:

  • Cost-effective protection against ransomware attacks.
  • Comprehensive defense, including early detection, prevention, and response.
  • Access to Vertek’s team of security experts for continuous threat intelligence and analysis.
  • Swift response capabilities to minimize downtime and data recovery time.

By combining Vertek’s MDR, SOAR and SOC capabilities with Halcyon’s Anti-Ransomware platform, organizations can effectively establish a comprehensive anti-ransomware solution to combat evolving cyber threats.

A Proactive Defense for Tomorrow

In the ever-adaptive realm of cybersecurity, this strategic partnership between Vertek and Halcyon represents a response to today’s threats and an anticipation of tomorrow’s challenges. It ensures that businesses have a proactive, agile and resilient defense against omnipresent cyber risks.

For more information about Vertek’s fully managed RansomMDR service, other MDR packages and managed security services, please contact [email protected] or visit www.vertek.com

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