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Verne Global Finland Co-founder and CCO Discusses Carbon Negative Journey with JSA TV at PTC’23

Recently, Kim Gunnelius, Co-founder and CCO of Verne Global Finland, got the opportunity to catch up with Jaymie Scotto & Associates (JSA) at PTC ‘23 in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii. Streamed live at the event and on LinkedIn, Kim sat down with Barb Mitchell to discuss how joining forces with Verne Global under the Digital Infrastructure 9 (D9) umbrella will bring new opportunities to their domestic and global customers and will accelerate their journey toward becoming carbon negative.

Last year, Verne Global Finland (previously Ficolo) announced they were joining the D9 portfolio, which includes sustainability-focused companies, Verne Global and Volta. In the interview, Kim refers to this brand consolidation as a “game changer” for the Finland-based data center organization as it reinforces their sustainability mission of reducing carbon emissions, while also providing them with a connectivity platform across Europe.

“It’s a big game changer for us!” remarks Kim. “We now have an expanded platform and several data centers, so when we meet with customers, we have more opportunities and different kinds of solutions to discuss.”

The environment has always played a vital role in Verne Global Finland’s business goals. As a true leader in sustainability, they are currently the only third-party certified climate neutral, hyperscale-level data center company in the Nordics. 

“We think about sustainability first, and this is always the case,” said Kim in the interview. He went on to explain that D9 further strengthens Verne Global Finland’s sustainability position as the environment is a central theme to their overarching global strategy. “D9 is focused on a sustainable platform across the Nordics and beyond. Not only within their data centers, but through their services, like connectivity. This makes them an ideal match for us.” With the support of D9, Verne Global Finland will be able to improve operations and drive sustainable global connectivity solutions for the future.

To hear the discussion between JSA and Verne Global Finland in its entirety, watch the JSA TV interview below.

To learn more about Verne Global Finland’s sustainability efforts and download their new comprehensive guide, The Journey to Climate Neutral: A Guide to Data Center Sustainability, click here.

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