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NYIIX and UPIX Connectivity

UPIX’s Expanded Link to NYIIX Enhances Global Connectivity

In a connected world, networking is the make-or-break asset that either empowers digital transformations or impedes them. Now, peering has proven to be the growing (and digitalizing) organization’s best friend — and more and more peers are on the hunt for the IX that delivers true connectivity advantages. 

TELEHOUSE NYIIX, as one of the largest neutral IXPs on the U.S. East Coast and across the world, definitely delivers a networking and connectivity edge — and the proof is in how connected peers keep coming back for more. In fact, the company just announced that UPIX, neutral network operator and global provider of connectivity services, has just upgraded its New York NYIIX port from 10G to 100G. UPIX connects with NYIIX at 60 Hudson, one of 7 major carrier hotels in the NY/NJ metro area where NYIIX is present.

Akio Sugeno, VP of Engineering for TELEHOUSE NYIIX, says, “Organizations and communities across the globe are catering to a rapidly changing, highly digital world. This is a world that depends more heavily on fast, reliable internet than ever before, and network infrastructure has got to be able to meet those needs. We’re proud to join forces with UPIX to deliver transformative results through trusted networking and connectivity solutions.”  

UPIX is headquartered in Brazil and the United States (the company’s second largest market), delivering a portfolio of services that includes global connectivity, colocation, cloud services and managed services. Currently, UPIX boasts a presence in 15+ countries, with 100+ nodes, 200+ connected partners and 400+ connected cities across its footprint — which includes 25,000 miles of fiber coverage in Brazil. 

After becoming an NYIIX reseller in July 2020, this quickly expanded connectivity makes UPIX one of the largest resellers of NYIIX in South America. Plus, it enables the company to deliver more robust connectivity to its customers. With a larger port, UPIX and NYIIX are better able to meet growing bandwidth demands from global organizations while ensuring enhanced traffic control, improved network performance, reduced costs and more.

Daniel Oda, Chief Commercial Officer and Chief Operating Officer for UPIX, notes, “It only took us a year to upgrade our port with NYIIX because the value of enhanced interconnection continues to be underscored by global demand. This new 100G connection empowers our ecosystem today while enabling us to expand further into the NYIIX ecosystem in the future — at their Los Angeles location or elsewhere. We look forward to growing our collaboration into the future on behalf of global connectivity.”

Founded by TELEHOUSE America, the NYIIX peering exchange offers interconnection points across New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. Today, NYIIX has more than 250 active member networks connected and more than 1 Tbps in peak traffic. Other locations where NYIIX connects in the New York metro include 7 Teleport Dr., 85 Tenth Ave., 111 Eighth Ave., 32 Ave. of the Americas, 165 Halsey St. and 2 Emerson Ln. 

NYIIX and TELEHOUSE America — together with TELEHOUSE’s parent company, ICT solution services provider KDDI America — serve as clients’ strategic gateway to digital transformation. 

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