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Bandwidth IG SFMIX

Unlocking Connectivity: Bandwidth IG Empowers SFMIX with Dark Fiber

The San Francisco Bay Area, a hub for innovation, just got a major upgrade to its internet infrastructure. Bandwidth IG, a leading provider of dark fiber networks, has partnered with the San Francisco Metropolitan Internet Exchange (SFMIX), a member-owned internet exchange point, to deliver high-capacity dark fiber across the Bay Area.

What This Means: Blazing-Fast Speeds

  • Unmatched Speed and Performance: Bandwidth IG’s new network boasts over 310 route miles and a whopping 2 million fiber miles. This translates to significantly faster internet speeds for businesses and residents in the Bay Area.
  • First-of-Its-Kind Subsea Route: The project includes a groundbreaking subsea fiber route – the first for communications services in the Bay Area in decades! This innovative design creates a ring around the market, ensuring near-universal connectivity for data centers throughout the region.
  • Reliable and Efficient Connections: SFMIX prioritizes efficient and uncongested network backbones. By partnering with Bandwidth IG, they gain access to diverse routes that bypass congested areas, further enhancing reliability and user experience.

Overcoming Challenges, Building a Brighter Future

“With today’s reliance on AI and ever-growing demand for speed, creating the most direct routes possible is crucial. We knew going under the Bay would be tough. Still, it’s resulted in a truly unique and reliable connection, directly linking two of the Bay Area’s busiest data hubs,” said Patton Lochridge, Chief Commercial Officer for Bandwidth IG.

Building the subsea route was no easy feat. It required navigating complex permitting processes and meticulous planning, engineering, and construction that spanned nearly four years. However, this dedication has resulted in a truly exceptional and diverse network with a direct connection between high-traffic areas.

“Bandwidth IG’s new fiber network is perfect for us because it reaches our members in multiple locations across the Bay Area, and it uses different routes to avoid congested areas. This means faster, more reliable connections for everyone. Bandwidth IG’s investment in the Bay Area is a big win for us, and it will allow us to serve our existing members and grow as demand increases easily,” said Matt Peterson, President of SFMIX.

You can read the full announcement here.

To learn more about Bandwidth IG, visit www.bandwidthig.com.

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