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UFD Announces Optical Wavelength Services

United Fiber & Data (UFD), a wholly owned and operated fiber optic network provider serving the northeastern United States, announced its new optical wavelength service offerings which enables lit services up to 600G to complement UFD’s existing fiber network, and provides an innovative solution to rising customer demand for scalable, cost-effective and high-bandwidth network solutions.

UFD partnered with Ekinops to deploy its EKINOPS 600G FlexRate™ solution to give customers access to connectivity options ranging from 10G to 100G optical wavelength delivered over UFD’s New York/New Jersey metro network and 100G over its diversely built long-haul fiber backbone that links the Greater New York City metro area to Northern Virginia along the I-95 corridor, with future capabilities of up to 600G wavelengths. UFD’s new fiber route and wavelength solutions offer critical diverse paths along the highly trafficked Northeast corridor.

“We were seeking a scalable solution that could be easily deployed to provide flexibility and enhanced capacity, control costs and promote sustained service availability. The equipment is installed and currently being tested, and we will be operational and in service by the end of the first quarter 2020,” said Christopher Lodge, chief operating officer for UFD. “With the capability to access and deploy up to 600G wavelengths in the near future, we can help our customers effectively meet their growing business development and communications needs.”

“UFD’s new wavelength service enhancements build upon the reliability and scalability of our diverse fiber network infrastructure, which gives our customers greater flexibility to manage their growing network capacity demands over time,” said Felipe J. Alvarez, chief executive officer of UFD. “Our new wavelength offerings will accommodate the high-capacity needs driven by high-performance data center connectivity, cloud computing and financial customers along our diverse route connecting New York City with Ashburn, Virginia. These enhancements are examples of the continued investment we are making in our long-haul and metro fiber networks in order to provide the high-capacity bandwidth our customers need.”

To read the press release in its entirety, click here.

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