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Transtelco Becomes New Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute Partner

Transtelco to utilize Azure ExpressRoute to connect its on-premises network to Azure across multiple diverse geographic interconnection locations, enabling its customers to customize their solutions and achieve optimal enterprise grade network performance and availability.

Transtelco, a leading binational provider of fiber optic services, announces today it has entered into an agreement with Microsoft to provide private connectivity to Microsoft Azure. Transtelco will use Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute to provide customers dedicated network access rather than using traditional Internet connections. Through its TCloud Connect software, Transtelco allows customers to optimize and have full packet control while directly connecting to Microsoft Azure.

Transtelco offers enterprise customers a full range of fiber connectivity, licensed spectrum, application functionality, as well as third-party software integration. Its service structure allows organizations to seamlessly integrate facilities, assets, data, and third-party services across multiple geographies in Mexico, the U.S., and abroad.

“Here at Transtelco, it is our motto that fast, flexible networks are the foundation of every successful organization. Our new collaboration with Microsoft Azure helps enable customers to have reliable, flexible, and the high capacity that enterprises need and expect,” comments Arturo Iglesias, CTO & Director of Transtelco. “As a Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute partner, we can offer enterprises in Transtelco markets access to Azure and the ability to create fast, secure private connections between Azure data centers and infrastructure on their premises or in a colocation environment. “Moreover, in some cases, our customers using Azure ExpressRoute connections to transfer data between on-premises systems and Azure can realize significant time and cost savings.”

“As an Azure ExpressRoute partner, Transtelco offers its customers the ability to provision private network connections for mission critical workloads running in Azure,” adds Ross Ortega, Partner Program Manager, Azure Networking, Microsoft.

Transtelco delivers high-performance enterprise and carrier class network services to domestic and transnational companies. The company’s scalable, transparent network architecture allows customers to configure services and assets to fit their business requirements, sharing resources and capabilities across metro, national, and transnational networks. For more information, visit https://www.transtelco.net.

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