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Transforming Channel Sales – Millions of Easily Queried and Actionable Location-Based Data Points at a Time

Connected2Fiber, the location engagement platform for network buyers and sellers, has launched its serviceability portal to help clients drive more revenue through their channel selling efforts.  

“The launch of our serviceability portal capability will be game-changing for our clients. We hear a lot of customers and prospects alike indicate that there’s currently no way to easily convey up-to-date serviceability, product, and pricing information to their channel community. Moreover, there’s certainly no systemic way to capture activity from these queries to inform better decisions in the future. Connected2Fiber has solved these core challenges with our serviceability portal, and we’re already seeing significant interest in using the capability to address pent-up demand.” – Ben Edmond, CEO and Founder of Connected2Fiber

The new serviceability portal enables a network provider to selectively advertise its serviceable location footprint to its channel community. End users will be able to view if a particular location is serviceable by the provider (in single and batch queries), the products available at each location, and the pricing for that end user.

Connected2Fiber’s location engagement platform leverages trusted, location-based insights into over 350 million buildings to power a variety of applications for network providers that span planning to pricing. One of the most commonly used applications in the platform automatically identifies all of a network provider’s serviceable locations and allows the team to communicate that footprint to external partners via a variety of methods, including email and API. Connected2Fiber’s serviceability portal capability will extend that advertising thought process to the channel (whether it be agent, enterprise, carrier, etc.) by way of queries that retrieve a network provider’s serviceability, product, and pricing information at a building level.

 In addition to advertising their serviceable locations, network providers using the portal will be able to gain insight into the locations queried in their instance. This information can inform future pricing and building decisions to help providers drive further revenue growth.

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