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Top Tips for Ditching IT FOMO: Get 1623 Farnam’s Insider Insights

There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when you think you’re missing out on something. Social FOMO, the feeling you get when you’re missing out on making memories with friends or participating in new experiences, is one thing — the sinking feeling that you might be missing key digital transformation opportunities (IT FOMO) is a whole different story. 

When IT FOMO hits business leaders, it’s nothing to ignore. Finding ways to get the very best of technology and business opportunity is paramount for staying ahead of competition and maintaining momentum in the pursuit of innovation. 

Fortunately, organizations that are searching for all the top tips for easily meeting their digital transformation needs can find all the answers in 1623 Farnam’s latest eBook. As a regional leader in network-neutral edge interconnection and data center services (and a specialist at the edge with great expertise across new applications like 5G, AR, IoT and more), 1623 is a knowledgeable partner ready to share all they know. 

The upshot? Businesses that are looking for the ‘it place’ to help them ditch their IT FOMO and trust that they are getting the industry’s best connectivity and IT infrastructure solutions should look no further than, well, Nebraska. Surprising, maybe — but true. This hub isn’t just home to Marlon Brando, Fred Astaire, Staples, Kool-Aid, Chef Boyardee and reuben sandwiches. It’s actually a growing tech locale that sports one particularly beneficial data center. 

Here’s a teaser with just a couple of the key facts you’ll find in this IT FOMO eBook: 1623 Farnam’s data center is one of the fastest-growing interconnection hubs in the U.S., offering access to 50+ local, national, and international carriers, as well as 7 of the Top 13 IP transit providers in the world. This facility also offers strategic proximity to key hyperscalers. Facebook and Google each own 14 data centers in the United States, and of those 28, three of them are within a 15 minute drive of 1623 Farnam.

Intrigued? Want to ditch your fear for good? Check out the company’s eBook here: 


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