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Top 4 Reasons To Get Military Families Into Your Data Centers

With the rapid growth of the data center industry, it is no secret that operators are struggling to recruit and retain sufficient qualified staff. A recent Uptime Institute survey found that over half of the respondents reported that they were either having difficulty finding candidates to fill open data center jobs or were having trouble retaining staff. Conversely, the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans says Veterans make up roughly 11% of adults experiencing homelessness.

With record-high demand for connectivity at the moment, keeping the complex digital infrastructure up and running is not easy. Expectedly, Salute Mission Critical, a global data center services company is seeing a surge in demand for data center specialists. Salute is a company with a humanitarian mission to focus on solving the chronic problem of unemployment many veterans face and now more than ever, the industry needs new talent.

For data center operators, this is an ongoing struggle, especially since many need already trained and certified candidates. Salute provides a win-win scenario for growth-oriented data center operators/providers and the industry as a whole.

“How Salute responds to every request or situation proves that their customer-centric view is ingrained at every level of the company and this differentiates them from many competitors. The quality of their services is a testament to the culture of a company based on values that we share.” – Randy Brouckman, CEO of EdgeConneX

By working in partnership with Salute’s veterans and military families, data centers benefit from:

  • World-class services delivered with military precision and a long-term solution to the staffing shortage;
  • Trained and certified techs dedicated to streamlining operations and building out, managing and decommissioning data center sites with high-quality results;
  • A global, reliable and sustainable partner with a wholesome vision of bringing you the talent you need to accomplish our joint mission with commitment and integrity;
  • Team members that can monitor your sites from near or far, ensuring that all facility operations comply with stringent standards and processes.

On May 20 at 1 PM ET, Salute Mission Critical is hosting a free Executive Roundtable to share insights on how to get veterans into your data centers. This event would be especially interesting to data center providers to solve some of their staffing challenges. In this roundtable, you get behind the scenes details on the transition and training programs candidates have to accomplish, tips on how to plan and implement effective workforce development programs and more! Hear not only from Salute representatives but from some of the leading data center providers they work with.

Register here to find out why Salute’s operators are in high demand around the world.

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