Titan.ium CDA product suite

Titan.ium Platform Introduces Value-Added Customer Defined Applications (CDA) Product Suite

 Titan.ium Platform, LLC® is proud to announce this week that its value-added Customer Defined Applications (CDA) Product Suite uniquely enables carriers to design their own specific use cases to solve complex interworking and signaling problems.

The new and exciting Titan.ium Platform CDA Product Suite offers customers the ability to stand out and enhance their services to gain market advantage in today’s competitive landscape. Existing Titan.ium customers, including many of the world’s top Tier 1 Operators and global carriers, utilize this specialty today in their networks today. 

The CDA Product Suite creates solutions for carriers with compatibility problems and optimizes services to fix unique customer issues, while combining standard off the shelf solutions for each customer. 

“We have seen countless use-cases in our industry that confirm carrier issues due to incompatibility, complexity, or non-standards based requirements,” says Matt Rosenberg, President of Titan.ium Platform, LLC. “The customer valued Titan.ium Platform CDA Product Suite is uniquely tailored to meet customers’ needs by promoting and optimizing different services to fulfill their network and business requirements.”

The CDA product suite can also be used as a valuable signaling solution to defend against a variety of Fraud and Security vulnerabilities such as multi-protocol voice domain protection. As part of its Private Network offering, Titan.ium officially announced the rollout of 5G Stand-Alone (SA), complementing the company’s 5G Non-Stand Alone (NSA) version made available in late 2021.

For more information on Titan.ium and its Private Network solutions, visit www.TitaniumPlatform.com, read the full press release.

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