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The New WiFi: What Your Organization Needs to Succeed

Lightpath Virtual Lunch & Learn: The New WiFi – What Your Organization Needs to Succeed

Once considered a luxury or a perk — or even a pay-for-use guest service — readily available, reliable WiFi is now a basic necessity. According to a survey sponsored by the WiFi Alliance, 60% of people do not want to go without WiFi for more than one day; 75% of American respondents surveyed said: “that a week without WiFi would leave [them] grumpier than a week without coffee or tea.” So it is no surprise that iGR reported that 75% of businesses consider free wireless access to be either “important” or “very important” to their business. Given a choice, customers prefer a business that caters to their requirement for seamless, safe internet access. Offering WiFi significantly increases a business’s advantage in industries where patrons have many options, including hospitality and retail. 

A flaky, sluggish WiFi experience can quickly impact organizational performance, annoy employees, and customers, plus drive up support costs. Managed WiFi allows you to bring in a team with broad and deep experience evaluating, installing, and operating wireless networks without the need for upfront capital investment. You have ensured the latest technology updates, 24/7 proactive monitoring, and support, and expertly configured security to meet all the unique needs of your business and industry. 

Join Lightpath at 12pm ET on September 22nd for a 30-minute virtual event to learn how the new WiFi can help your organization succeed with faster speeds, greater reliability, and more advanced security. Lightpath’s Director of Product, Ken Florenz and Product Manager, Jin Yang will be leading the highly informative discussion.

Reserve your seat here today! Lunch vouchers will be provided to qualifying registrants. Learn more about managed WiFi here. To learn more about Lightpath, visit lightpathfiber.com, and follow Lightpath on LinkedIn.


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