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Mutare Launches Second Annual Voice Threat Survey

Mutare Launches Second Annual Voice Threat Survey, Receives Global InfoSec Award for Market Leader in Anti-Vishing

The Mutare team continues to spread awareness about the impacts of vishing and other telephone-oriented attacks in a variety of innovative ways. 

Gathering Insights with Mutare’s Voice Network Threat Survey
On the heels of its inaugural Vishing Awareness Week, Mutare recently launched its second annual Voice Network Threat Survey at last week’s RSA Conference, an event that brings thousands of cybersecurity professionals together to collaborate, innovate and learn from each other. The survey will be used to gain greater insight into how nuisance and nefarious calls impact businesses across multiple industries. 

“The Voice Network Threat Survey is an invaluable tool as we continue to explore the magnitude of these ever-evolving threats and learn how companies are trying to combat them,” said Chuck French, Mutare’s Chief Growth Officer. “Last year’s survey provided us with very useful data, and we are looking to build upon that success with the 2023 version, which has been refined to further aid our efforts.”

The survey can be taken online through June 23, or in person at Cisco Live, June 4-8, and Customer Contact Week, June 19-22, in Las Vegas. 

Mutare Recognized for Anti-Vishing Solutions

As Mutare continues its efforts to help organizations combat vishing threats, the company was recently named Global InfoSec Market Leader in Anti-Vishing for its industry-leading Voice Traffic Filter. The sophisticated voice network filter solution features five distinct filtering layers designed to detect and deflect both nuisance and nefarious calls, including robocalls, spammers, scammers and vishers, at the network edge.

“We are humbled by this award and proud of the work our team has done to deserve this honor, but our work is not over,” said French. “While it is nice to be recognized, our vigilance will not wane because we know that bad actors will continue to develop new tactics and strategies to exploit people and organizations.”

This award is one of several recent cybersecurity industry accolades for Mutare, including multiple gold-level 2023 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards and 2023 Globee Cybersecurity Awards. 

For additional information on Mutare’s 2023 Voice Network Threat Survey, click here and to learn more about ways to combat unwanted voice traffic, visit mutare.com.

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