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The Inside Scoop on Diversity, Market Demands, ESG and More from Stream Data Centers

Stream Data Centers is a champion of the exceptional data center experience, and as an organization with a dedication to delivering the very best and brightest within this mission-critical industry, their strength in people really shines during the event season. So, when members of their team attended the recent Datacloud Global Congress event in Monaco, JSA TV sought them out to catch up on the buzz. For those that missed this Q&A, here’s a quick recap — but don’t forget to watch the interview in its entirety here

(Also, a hint for those trying to catch the Stream team: They’re headed to ITW, too.)

Location Strategy, Hyperscale Demands and Beyond

Stream’s Katie O’Hara, VP of Strategic Relationships, and Yvonne Deir, VP of Hyperscale Leasing and Development, exemplify their company’s reputation for staying firmly on the beat of this industry and remaining ahead of demands. It’s insight like this — and the results it generates for customers — that has continued to propel the company’s growth. In fact, Katie observed that Stream Data Centers has been growing at a striking rate, nearly tripling its team in the past 6 years. 

Building up the Stream team is a core part of enabling advanced, innovative offerings — like their location strategy and development solutions. This section of the Stream offering has seen new leaders join to head up game-changing initiatives on behalf of the large-scale, complex requirements customers are bringing to the table. This detailed, end-to-end approach to location strategy helps keep any challenges from utility constraints and sluggish supply chains in check so that Stream Data Centers’ customers can always find the most advantageous spaces to deploy when they need them. When keeping massive, campus-level, individualized projects on track, it comes down to having everything in alignment so all phases of site selection, analysis and deployment can work seamlessly and efficiently. 

What’s Still Developing in the Data Center Sphere?

A major focus that both Katie and Yvonne noted was ESG initiatives. It’s clear that a growing number of organizations in this industry are flying their green flags, putting out aggressive public goals for carbon footprint reduction and clean energy — and providers like Stream remain instrumental to achieving those goals. As Yvonne notes, success in this arena (like many aspects of the data center sphere) is built on early engagement and first-mover advantages. Having the right connections, relationships, materials and strategy in place is crucial for paving a smooth path to innovation — and in the end, that’s what helps organizations do what’s right for their ESG commitments and the global community at large.

Diversity and inclusion also remains a strong driver in our industry, and Katie (a member of the iMasons Womens’ Technology Outreach Committee) and Yvonne both note how central this mission is to Stream’s identity as an organization. As a company that focuses a lot on strengthening diversity, industry outreach and support of industry groups, this not only promotes opportunity for all — but it also ensures Stream is continuing to cultivate strong, diverse leaders on behalf of an aggressively evolving market. 

Of course, this is just the beginning of what Stream Data Centers and its team have to say, so be sure to check out this JSA TV in full here

Also, the Stream team will soon be heading to ITW — so don’t miss them if you’ll be in attendance

For more about Stream Data Centers, visit www.streamdatacenters.com.

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