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The Global Edge: How EdgeConneX and Salute Mission Critical Are Tackling Industry Challenges to Make a Monumental Social Impact

EdgeConneX and Salute Mission Critical have a few similar priorities and challenges, namely — how to create a more diverse and inclusive space for veterans, young people, women, and other under-represented groups, within the data center industry. 

In this latest JSA TV Interview with Joao Lima, Editor for The Tech Capital, Phillip Marangella, CMO for EdgeConneX, and Lee Kirby, Chairman and Co-Founder of Salute Mission Critical discuss what’s driving their respective diversity and inclusion missions and the significant change for good they hope to facilitate within the industry. 

For those unfamiliar, Salute Mission Critical, founded by military veterans, uniquely addresses the critical infrastructure facility management needs of hyperscalers, colo providers and edge operators through the training and employment of military veterans. For EdgeConneX, it’s the Customers, People and Planet that are at the heart of its global mission. Focusing on their Customers by deploying data center infrastructure where and when they want it globally, EdgeConneX ensures high customer satisfaction. Through their partnership with Salute, the possibilities for growth and the ever-growing importance of People are endless. EdgeConneX hires the best people and aims to build strong, collaborative teams, with 100+ veterans supporting EdgeConneX facilities across the globe. 

But it’s not just the People that are a priority, the Planet is also a priority held close by EdgeConneX. Phillip discusses how the industry self-regulates and is quite efficient but notes it’s becoming increasingly important to further collaborate and look for ways to be greener across every front. By having those three core areas covered — Customers, People and Planet – EdgeConneX believes that everything else will fall in line.

Watch the entire interview below to learn more about EdgeConneX’ Capstone Initiative tailored for HBCUs and Salute’s incredible work to train and employ thousands of veterans globally within the data center space. 


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