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The Emergence of a New Telecom Ecosystem

Santaliz to Speak at CCT2019 in Dublin

Cloud-based technologies have shifted the way IT services and networks are deployed and pressure is on the existing infrastructures to support all of the growth and disruptive technologies. In its
Gil Santalizinaugural year, the Cloud, Content and Telecoms Summit 2019 (CCT2019), will bring together executive leaders from carriers, data centers, cloud, content, OTTs and interconnection platform providers. The conference recognizes that this paradigm shift in the global telecommunications sector can’t happen in a vacuum and leaders must come together to discuss the issues, brainstorm new ideas and work together to solve challenges. CEO of NJFX, Gil Santaliz is set to speak at the Dublin, Ireland conference to be held May 8-9th. In his panel “Changing Infrastructure – Evolving Models for Subsea & Backbone Networks,” executives from Aqua Comms, Chayora Limited, Deep Blue Communications, GlobeNet, Google, Liquid Telecom, and Seaborn Networks will discuss the landscape of developing markets and ways to solve access challenges. No doubt it will be a lively and compelling discussion. The conference recognizes the continuing need to upgrade existing networks for the future and build new networks in under-connected regions. All of this is essential to meet the ultimate goal of achieving global connectivity and enabling high quality internet access globally.

The new telco ecosystem must address the changing dynamics of the marketplace:

  • web-scale and cloud providers have specific requirements based on scale and service delivery
  • the subsea and backbone network market is changing and new financing and infrastructure models emerging with new forms of investment models
  • data centre requirements continue to grow with an increased focus on edge computing to meet the anticipated proliferation of IoT devices
  • the future of content delivery is marked by content and OTT providers seeking new partnership opportunities to deliver services

NJFX was an early mover in recognizing that the marketplace is shifting and through its robust ecosystem of carriers, content and service providers helps organizations innovate, be agile and redefine their market positions. All of this helps to grow and push traditional models forward. NJFX’s unique Cable Landing Station (CLS) colocation campus is a critical juncture for subsea cable NJFXsystems, as well as multiple carriers and terrestrial networks. As the only CLS in the U.S. offering Tier 3 carrier-neutral data center capabilities, it is supported by several route-independent carriers that offer direct access to multiple independent subsea cable systems interconnecting North America, Europe, South America and the Caribbean. The facility offers direct access to TGN1, TGN2, Seaborn and HAVFRUE/AEC2 (2019) and Wall-LI (2020) subsea cable systems.

To learn more about NJFX’s  Tier 3 cable landing station campus, please contact [email protected].

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