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Telia Carrier: New Webinar Highlights the Value of a Reliable Network for A2P Messaging

Telia Carrier: New Webinar Highlights the Value of a Reliable Network for A2P Messaging

Picture this: after forgetting your password, you’re now awaiting a text with a PIN that will allow you to securely regain access to your account. But what if that message takes too long to come through, and the PIN times out before you get it? Or worse, what if the message gets intercepted on an unsecured network, allowing someone else to gain access to your personal information? These kinds of messages – texts with PINs, notifications, critical alerts and two-factor authentication – are called Application-to-Person messaging, or A2P. And as illustrated in those scenarios, carrying them out via a secure and reliable network is a must.

On April 21 at 2:00pm CET/8:00am ET, Telia Carrier will host a webinar titled “Can’t get your message across? Cut through the noise and securely reach your audience with reliable A2P”. This virtual session is designed to teach you all about A2P and how you can avoid issues such as fraudulent activities, attacks and re-routed messages. By choosing the right vendor, you can create a great customer experience and ensure your one-direction communication is properly aligned with their goals. 

The session will be presented by Fabio Bottan, Senior Messaging Specialist at Telia Carrier. He will be joined by Cellusys’ CTO Daniel McTague and Jon Neighbour, Channel Director. Cellusys designs and delivers comprehensive mobile solutions for their customers, with a focus on security, roaming, SMS monetization and analytical applications.

The webinar will cover the following topics:

  • What A2P is, and its importance in today’s digital-first reality 
  • How one-directional messaging can support a great customer experience
  • The security aspects to consider when designing your messaging platform 
  • Why your choice of messaging solution can make or break your success 

To register for the webinar, click here.

For more information on A2P and Telia Carrier’s Messaging Hub, which provides SMS providers, aggregators and enterprises with a secure and simple connection to high quality termination, visit the company’s Knowledge Hub here.

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