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Telia Carrier & ISOC Host Routing Security Webinar, March 9 at 10 AM CET

Workshop Designed to Improve Knowledge and Skills in BGP and Routing Security

Telia Carrier and the Internet Society (ISOC) are teaming up to help make the Internet a safer place. On March 9, at 10 am CET, the two organizations will host a webinar titled “A Deep-Dive Into Routing Security and MANRS”. In addition to helping network operators address issues with the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), the routing protocol for the Internet, this event will also provide more information on Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security (MANRS). Facilitated by ISOC, MANRS is a global initiative that brings network operators from around the world together to solve the most common routing threats.

Earlier on March 3, Telia Carrier and ISOC provided a more basic introduction to routing security and MANRS. On March 9 at 10 am CET, the second webinar of this two-part series will feature a much more detailed and technical discussion. Hosted by Aftab Siddiqui, ISOC’s Senior Manager, Internet Technology, the session will provide valuable insights into how network engineers can better secure their networks from cyber attacks. Those interested in joining will benefit from hands-on activities that reinforce industry best practices in both IPv4 and IPv6 routing security in a dual stack environment

Other topics that will be covered include:

  • Overview of BGP & IGP​
  • BGP traffic engineering tools (Local Pref, MED, AS path prepend, communities etc)​
  • BGP Operations and Security (RFC7454)​
  • Network ingress filtering (BCP38 and BCP84)​
  • Overview of the Internet Routing Registry​
  • Introduction to RPSL​
  • Introduction to RPKI (ROA and ROV)​
  • Lab (online lab)​

To register for the webinar and learn more, click here.

As the owner of the world’s #1 ranked IP backbone, Telia Carrier solves global connectivity challenges for multinational enterprises. A key part of the company’s success revolves around its commitment to creating a culture of excellence in regards to customer experience, and the webinar on March 9 certainly contributes to this endeavor. For more information on Telia Carrier, visit teliacarrier.com.

To learn more about ISOC and its mission to shape an Internet that is open, globally-connected, secure and trustworthy, visit their website at www.Internetsociety.org.

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