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NYIIX and LINX Interconnection Service

TELEHOUSE NYIIX’s Newly Live LINX Interconnection Boosts Peering Opportunities

Fast, reliable, redundant and scalable connectivity is at the core of digital transformation. As a result, peering has quickly risen as one of the best ways to achieve networking performance in a distributed world where data requires ultimate agility. This is why TELEHOUSE NYIIX just announced that its new joint U.S. interconnection service with The London Internet Exchange (LINX) is now available. The partnership between these two entities empowers both IX ecosystems with expanded peering opportunities while providing member networks with a redundant and resilient route from New York to Northern Virginia. 

The interconnection route between NYIIX in New York and LINX NoVA — a fast-growing interconnection platform based out of Ashburn, Manassas and Reston in Northern Virginia — is already seeing service requests. NYIIX and LINX’s partnership, first announced in June 2021, was forged in an effort to support organizations as they look to enhance control over their traffic flows, improve network performance, reduce costs and expand bandwidth capacities. By combining both interconnection fabrics, LINX and NYIIX have bolstered opportunities for digitally transformative networking results. 

Founded by TELEHOUSE America, the NYIIX exchange stands as one of the largest neutral IXPs on the U.S. East Coast and across the world. Currently, TELEHOUSE America offers interconnection PoPs in New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles, delivering more than 250 active member networks and more than 1 Tbps in peak traffic.

“This partnership combines the robust resources of two advantageous peering fabrics, making the whole even greater than the sum of its parts,” comments Akio Sugeno, VP of Engineering for TELEHOUSE NYIIX. “Empowering data and IT is about getting data where it needs to go as efficiently as possible, and we’re proud to be architecting the solution that achieves that for our growing array of members. We look forward to seeing how this service helps customers thrive in the digital economy.”  

NYIIX and TELEHOUSE America — together with TELEHOUSE’s parent company, ICT solution services provider KDDI America — serve as clients’ strategic gateway to digital transformation. Clients gain competitive advantages through end-to-end access to the necessary elements of robust customer lifecycle management — whether for internal users or for provisioning the last-mile of end user experience.

To learn more about NYIIX, please visit www.nyiix.net. To read this press release in its entirety, click here.  

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