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NYIIX Internet Exchange Partnership

TELEHOUSE NYIIX’s Partnership with LINX Delivers Enhanced US Interconnection

TELEHOUSE NYIIX, one of the largest neutral internet exchange points in the world, and The London Internet Exchange (LINX), recently announced their strategic U.S. partnership. These Internet Exchange Point (IXP) providers are interconnecting their ecosystems, empowering members of each IXP to peer across this collective national portfolio of locations. The connection — planned to go live in the next few weeks — helps customers to benefit from a greater “network of networks” with even more networking speed, control and bandwidth. This interconnection partnership also ensures customers can enjoy greater reliability and lower costs.

Established in 1996 and founded by TELEHOUSE America, the NYIIX Peering Exchange delivers interconnection points in New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles with over 250 member networks connected and peering and more than 1 Tbps in peak traffic.

Akio Sugeno, VP of Engineering for TELEHOUSE NYIIX, says, “Our mission at TELEHOUSE NYIIX has always been to provide unparalleled connectivity, data transmission, speed and cost reduction for every business and organization connecting across the U.S. or the globe. This partnership will further reinforce and enhance NYIIX’s service offerings to the Internet community.”  

This partnership comes on the heels of LINX’s announcement that it was expanding the network for its fast-growing U.S. internet exchange, LINX NoVA, based in Northern Virginia. With the expansion, the company boosts its number of data center Points of Presence (PoPs) from three to four. Now that this NYIIX partnership is in place, LINX is well-positioned to meet growing customer demands and build off its strong existing partnership with TELEHOUSE Europe. 

LINX NoVA’s location in Northern Virginia — a strategic locale for networks to be present and for hosting and interconnection to thrive — helps make it a well-established IXP with many diverse networks connected, including key content delivery networks (CDNs) and regional ISPs. LINX NoVA is in close proximity to the Virginia Beach Landing Station, where key subsea cables terminate, including MAREA (U.S. to Europe) and BRUSA (South America to U.S.).

Jennifer Holmes, CCO for LINX, has been overseeing the partnership. She states, “We have had such a strong relationship with TELEHOUSE in London for over 25 years, and growing our U.S. footprint has been high on our strategic agenda for a while. We are really excited to be partnering with the team at TELEHOUSE America, KDDI America and TELEHOUSE NYIIX to grow peering services in the U.S. together – for the good of the Internet.”

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