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T5: Building a Culture of Sustainability from the Ground Up

T5 Employees Celebrate Earth Day on Social Media

As the world celebrated Earth Day recently, T5 wanted to focus on its team and the “why” behind how each employee chooses to honor and enjoy our planet. 

It’s no secret that T5 is dedicated  to sustainable practices. From its commitment to the iMasons Climate Accord, to partnering with companies like nZero enabling customers optimize their energy consumption, to helping our customers plan strategically and implement sustainable practices – from initial design, through procurement and construction. As Earth Day 2023 was coming into focus, it was yet another reminder of what T5 does every day – for customers, employees, the industry and our planet. 

This year, T5 wanted to hear from the team on what Earth Day means to them. So, they asked!  And then showcased some of the best answers on our company LinkedIn to share how our employees feel about Earth Day. Check out some of the stories of how T5 team members chose to celebrate our planet and their commitment to the environment and sustainability:

Brad Grover, Construction Services Director

“I’ve hiked/biked thousands of miles of trail and backcountry; paddled 100’s of rivers, and creeks and streams; climbed to the top of mountains and the deep into cave systems; in heat, cold, dry, humid and mild conditions – all across America – because it truly is, ‘America, the beautiful’”.


Read Brad’s full post here

Christopher Tang, Financial Analyst

“Common global challenges related to climate change are currently faced by two areas – Greenland and Aviano, Italy. Greenland is particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, as warming is twice as fast as the rest of the world. In Aviano, air pollution that impacts public health is a major concern.”

Read Christopher’s full post here

Cara Lee West, Preconstruction Coordinator

“Lake Eufaula in Alabama is a 45,000 acre lake is important to the world because it provides a unique place to enjoy nature and get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city while exploring over 700 historic and architecturally significant buildings, and it is home to white tail deer, turkey, various species of fish (most famously bass), and over 280 different bird species.”

Read Cara’s full post here.

Anders Hermansen, Logistics Technician

“The Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse, located on the west coast of Denmark, has been an important part of my life since childhood. The area has miles of sand, dunes and the harsh North Sea. Every year the sea comes closer to the lighthouse and in 2019, it had to be moved 15 meters inland so that it did not topple into the sea. It remains a powerful symbol that man cannot overcome nature, but that we must respect it and take good care of it.”

Read Anders full post here

Learn more about T5’s commitment to sustainability here, and view and sign up for the company’s Forever Green newsletter, here.


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