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Survey says … Customers Like Omaha IX’s Location, Connectivity, Cost-Effective Solutions

The results are in! According to a survey of Omaha IX customers, the Midwest’s premier internet exchange offers several critical advantages for peering. The survey results show that the top reasons customers choose to peer at Omaha IX include an ideal location at the crossroads of the nation’s digital networks, as well as its diverse, robust connectivity capabilities.

Survey respondents also like Omaha’s IX’s low-latency and cost-effective networking solutions.

With the introduction of 5G, many network providers and enterprises are quickly trying to adapt their systems to the demands for greater connectivity capabilities. It’s important to note that many of the Omaha IX benefits cited by survey respondents — like low latency and proximity to key network providers — are critical to achieving full 5G capability.

“Overall, the survey results show that Omaha IX is in the right place, at the right time, with the right technology and strategic vision to help customers achieve their 5G transformation and build connectivity that’s future-proofed,” says Todd Cushing, President of 1623 Farnam. “We are especially grateful for the high response rate, which indicates that our customers are engaged and value their relationship with us.”

Key results of the survey include:

When asked why they chose to peer at Omaha IX, more than 90 percent respondents say “ideal location.” Nearly half (45%) say “cost efficiency.”

When asked what they use the IX for, respondents cite a variety of reasons, including:

  •  “Peering for better routes to Netflix and other content providers.”
  •  “Better connectivity and quicker retrieval of content.”
  •  “Connect to DIA providers and peer with others.”
  •  “Direct peering with big guys like Google and Facebook, etc.”
  • “Colocation.”


Respondents also have a range of answers when asked what challenges are solved for their business by peering at Omaha IX:

  •  “Reduced latency and reduced load on other primary circuits.”
  •  “Better internet experience for our customers.”
  • “Access to lower cost DIA bandwidth.”
  •   “Finding a cross-connect location.”
  •  “Ability to peer with others.”


Cost savings and better connectivity were the top two benefits of peering at Omaha IX, according to the survey. Specific responses to the question, “What is the main benefit (of peering at Omaha IX) for your company?” included:

  •  “Better routes.”
  • “Streamline cross-connect option”
  •  “Saving money on IP transit, better customer experience.”
  •  “Cost savings.”
  • “Enhances our internet service we provide to our customers.”

The survey was conducted via email during the month of February and included a giveaway. We offer a well-deserved congratulations to Eric Gengler of FiberComm, who was selected in a random drawing to receive a DJI Drone valued at $300!

Are you an Omaha IX participant that did not receive our feedback survey? Please take a moment to sign up for email correspondence by filling out the form here.

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