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Graphic with American flag background and headline stating Superior Essex Communications Cable Products Help BEAD Projects Close the Digital Divide

Superior Essex Communications Cable Products Help BEAD Projects Close the Digital Divide

Superior Essex Communications, a proud producer of copper and fiber cabling products in the U.S., has officially announced this week the reaffirmation of its support for the Build America, Buy America (BABA) Act requirements under the NTIA’s recent waiver for BEAD program-funded projects.

Despite the critical nature of high-speed internet access, an estimated 24 million people in the U.S. still don’t benefit from reliable, fast connectivity. With connectivity now at the core of a wide range of platforms, applications, opportunities and service capabilities, a lack of proper internet access can significantly impede business development, regional economic growth, educational opportunities and quality of life in underserved communities nationwide. As a global leader in OSP fiber optic cables, drop fiber and hybrid cables, Superior Essex Communications’ cable products are compliant with the BABA requirements and ready to support BEAD (Broadband Equity, Accessibility, and Deployment) program projects. In turn, this improves connectivity and brings reliable and affordable internet to rural, underserved and suburban areas.

“We are proud to be BABA compliant and be included in BEAD projects,“ said Chris Freitag, President of Superior Essex Communications. “Our cables are manufactured in the United States, and as a company, Superior Essex Communications is committed to sustainable growth and job creation. It’s something that we’ve continued to invest in for more than 90 years.”

This announcement follows a visit to the company’s recently expanded Brownwood, Texas facility by Congressional Representative August Pfluger.

Visit superioressexcommunications.com to read more about the company’s commitment to a smart and sustainable communications future, as well as BABA and BEAD compliance.

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