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FiberSense Featured in Subtel Magazine subsea technologies

Submarine Telecoms Forum’s September Issue Features FiberSense’s Thought Leadership Piece on Subsea Technologies

FiberSense, a fiber optic sensing technology and monitoring company that’s winning accolades and making a global name for its asset monitoring tech, was featured prominently in Submarine Telecoms Forum’s Offshore Energy Edition, featuring evolving subsea technologies. 

CEO Mark Englund’s article in the September issue, titled “How Distributed Fiber Sensing is Advancing Subsea Cable Monitoring” highlights the future of subsea power cable monitoring and why distributed fiber sensing (DFS), and specifically vibration detection and ranging (VID+R) technologies, are reaching an inflection point in adoption. 

Englund notes in the article that “the vast majority of subsea cable outages each year are caused by external aggression, including anchor drag and bottom trawling events from fishing vessels.” 

With the subsea power cable market size expected to reach more than $11.82 billion USD by 2028, Englund notes in the article “that distributed fiber sensing advancements are changing the way we monitor subsea cables, and in particular, sensing as a service represents the future of DFS for real-time detection…of external aggressors, precise damage locating and the ability to aid in assigning culpability.” 

FiIberSense offers its own monitoring technology, called DigitalAsset Marine, which protects vital subsea cables carrying power and Internet traffic by offering real-time threat detection through its Sensing-as-a-Service technology, eliminating the risk of interruption and boosting the security of supply.

You can also find Englund’s thought leadership feature article on Pages 48-50 of the Submarine Telecoms Forum’s Offshore Energy Edition.

Also in this month’s edition, Submarine Telecoms Forum’s “On the Move” column announced the welcoming of Peter Hubbard to the FiberSense team as their new lead engineer, which can be viewed on Page 90. Hubbard states that he “is excited to make smart cities a reality around the world.” 

FiberSense services have been activated across fiber networks in Europe, the Americas, Australia and across subsea cables linking major continents this year alone. 

For more information on FiberSense, visit www.fibersense.com, discover more about DigitalAsset™ Marine and read more recent FiberSense news.

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