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Chris Bair Partner

Stream’s First New Partner Since 2017 to Deliver Big Customer Benefits

As fierce competition for enterprise and hyperscale business continues among the many data center players across the globe, critical infrastructure providers are constantly seeking the latest and greatest ways of securing business and creating long-standing, trusted client relationships. For data center specialists like Stream Data Centers, the process of attracting and retaining customer trust means putting a lot of work into an exceptional customer experience. Ease of deployment, customization capabilities, and detail-oriented, white glove service are just a few of the tenets of Stream’s continued dedication to customer service excellence. Of course, the company also hangs its hat on its array of talented, experienced team members — the secret sauce of their continued growth and customer satisfaction. So, when Stream recently announced that they had promoted their former SVP of Sales and Leasing, Chris Bair, to Chief Commercial Officer and Partner, it was clear that this would be another big move on the service delivery front. 

As the first new partner announced since 2017, Bair, a longstanding member of the Stream leadership team with more than two decades of data center industry experience, is now set to lead the company’s sales, marketing, sales engineering and customer implementation functions.   

“As hyperscalers become increasingly hungry for Stream services, we see that more and more of our deployments are custom and build-to-suit projects. Over the past 24 years, Stream has built a reputation for providing a great customer experience. Bair’s background in leasing, service delivery, operations and marketing made him the right choice for the job as we continue to evolve and ensure our clients have a great experience working with our firm,” comments Rob Kennedy, Stream’s Co-Managing Partner. “We’re thrilled to welcome him as a Partner, and we know he is ideally suited to help bring Stream into a new era of both customer and revenue success.”

Notably, as part of his newly expanded role, Bair will lead a team that will wholly own the customer experience, assisting and managing the handoffs between initial interactions, design, construction and deployment through to operations. The result will be the most streamlined and advantageous project pipeline for hyperscalers and enterprises — even (and especially) those that require highly customized deployments (something that Stream is no stranger to). Clearly, with Bair’s promotion to CCO and Partner, Stream is underscoring its commitment to delivering bespoke services with industry-leading outcomes. 

“Stream knows we don’t win or retain customers by using a bunch of hyperbole about our data centers’ technology. Stream’s customers appreciate our customer-first approach and commitment to clear communication and accountability. This commitment and trust become even more important when providing services that meet the complex requirements of the world’s most demanding data center users. Being a leader at Stream during this phase of my career is an honor that is very exciting,” states Bair. “This team and the company’s values make us well positioned to continue to exceed our clients’ expectations.”

To learn more, you can read this press release in its entirety here.

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